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Fear of Public Speaking – A Fear Greater than Death – Or…Learn to Reach for that Microphone Like it was a Long Lost Lover

End fear of public speaking with Mindworks Hypnosis

I help people with all kinds of apprehensions and fears and phobias.  Off-the-wall fears as well as common ones.  I’ve helped people with every fear under the sun.  The most common one?  Fear of public speaking.  It ranks right up there with the fear of death.

This fear can manifest in a number of ways:  intense anxiety prior to, or simply at the thought of having to verbally communicate with any group, avoidance of events which focus the group’s attention on the individual, physical distress, nausea, feelings of panic, and so forth.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Hypnosis works for ending your fear of public speaking.  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) works for ending your fear of public speaking.  I utilize both methodologies, melding them into a powerhouse kit and kaboodle of change.  Here is a client testimonial I have received after our work on this issue:

“Amazing progress! I gave a presentation 2 weeks ago, and wasn’t nervous …immediately felt a wave of calm come over me. I presented well and the audience and other speaker responded well to me, so I know it was successful.!” –Beth, Bellevue, WA

For Beth, it was a matter of business necessity and success.  If public speaking and presenting is on your job description and you currently suffer from fear, I can help you end that fear and present well.  REALLY well.  Comfortably.  Confidently.  Articulately.  Easily.  And have FUN doing so.

As always, I do offer a free consult to explain more about the tools I use and my “gameplan” of client-centered Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy.  Call me if you’d like to grab that microphone like it was a long lost lover and feel absolutely comfortable with public speaking.  (425) 564-8608.  Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

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