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Goodbye Anxiety with Seattle’s Best Hypnotherapy and NLP

Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP – The Road to Happiness.

I received another wonderful testimonial today.  (They keep a-comin’!)  Steve Rozday of Redmond, Washington wrote:

“Hat’s off to Connie!  When I arrived for help I was suffering from high levels of anxiety.  After working with Connie my anxiety is gone, my sense of perspective is back and I am experiencing enjoyment where there was none before.  Thanks, Connie!”

Now, to be clear:  “anxiety” may be a medical diagnosis, and I’m not medical.  It just turns out that when I help people to “feel better” in a variety of ways using Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy, they respond differently in the world and inside their own bodies, and that so-called problem isn’t there any more.  That means a healthier, longer life and an improved quality of life.

Yay, to Steve, who has let go of anxious and has found joy again.

Warm Regards,