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Why, Why, WHY, is the Wall Painted Green?

“Why” is not useful information.

Hello, Hypnosis-Friends!

Michael and I often are called upon to explain NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis to people who don’t really know what those things are.  They have murky and mistaken ideas, sometimes fueled by “Hollyweird” and sometimes fueled by our culture’s seeming fondness for ridiculous beliefs like “change is difficult and slow.”

No, it’s not.  Change is instant.  The build up to the decision to change might be slow.  Change itself is FAST.  And easy, especially with the tools I have up my sleeve.

Here’s one of the most prevalent false ideas I encounter.  People think they have to know “why” a problem exists in order to change it.  WRONG!  That’s an idea created and endorsed by “talk therapists” (nothing like what I do) who want to milk a client for repeated sessions continuing over months and years sometimes decades with little to no progress.  My work is fast.  As in, hours to positive changes.  Let me repeat that.  Not years, HOURS.  Sometimes, minutes.  🙂

Hypnosis and NLP are what are known as “brief therapies.”  And it’s not talk therapy, it’s not about the “why?”  We figure out “how” you do it (it being a problem) and change that, so you don’t do it.  Easy!

Color your life the way you want with hypnosis.Michael has created a lovely metaphor to explain this idea of NLP vs. Talk Therapies.  Imagine you’ve bought a new home.  (I just did!)  Imagine one of the rooms is painted a hideous color –a foul yellowy-green.  Yick!!  Ok, you now own this home.  The bedroom is painted green.  You hate the color.  You want it to be different.  You’ve decided you want it to be blue.  What do you do?

Do you sit and wring your hands endlessly and cry “I don’t understand!” and speculate on WHY is that wall green?  “Why, why, why?”  What were they thinking?  What is the cause of that choice?  Or do you simply get out the bucket of blue paint and the brush and get to work making it different?  With NLP, we get out the bucket of paint.  And we paint, making the room what we want it to be.

Now, the wall is successfully blue.  Do we care WHY it was ever green?  No.  Not me.  I don’t care!  It’s not green any more.  And we never even needed to figure out why.  If we HAD figured out why, would that spontaneously turn the wall blue?  Of course not.  Knowing why doesn’t fix things.  Fixing things fixes things.

As I expressed it to a potential client.  This is not a quest for understanding.  This a quest for change.  As in NOW.  NLP and hypnosis are movement, not chitchat.  I lay down the ground rules for my clients…if you stray into story about why, that is not useful information to my work, and I’ll stop you.  And I do.  This isn’t talk therapy.  This is life change.  Now.

Learn more about what I do here: and  If you’re tired of talk and want to DO something to make your life better, then you’re ready for my brand of therapy.  Hypnosis and NLP.  The change-makers.

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