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Is Hypnosis the Holy Grail?

Find what you’re looking for, with hypnosis!

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I’d like to share a story with you about a man in my Bellevue College hypnosis class this week.  The names are being masked to protect the real people involved.  Let’s call him SAM.  Hi, Sam.

Sam took my class.  He’s an older gentleman, who sat in the back of the room during my first lecture with arms folded and a scowl of disbelief on his face.  I was talking about the power and success of hypnosis.  His face was a poster child for “I don’t believe this AT ALL!  Bull-oney!”

It was comical to me, his expression and demeanor were so over-the-top.  I turned to him and said:  “You look skeptical.”  He immediately denied it.  “No, I’m open minded.”  “Wonderful!” I replied.  🙂

Anyway we had a group trance experience and afterwards students were commenting on the experience.  Sam denied that he had been hypnotized.  Hey, when you do this work day in and day out as I do, guess what?  You can recognize hypnosis.  Sam was hypnotized.  Very.

So, I teach my class, and I throw in a few suggestions during trance to speak to various goals that the students had expressed.  Sam’s was weight loss.  Sam also got his mind focused on weight loss during the in-class exercises on goal setting.

Next week completes the course.  Sam returned.  His whole attitude and demeanor had changed.  Why?  He had immediately had BEHAVIORAL CHANGES in his life, with no other source than the work we did in class.  He had already lost some weight to the point his wife commented on it to him!  He was drinking more water, eating less, and so on.  He was amazed.  Suddenly, Sam was a believer.  Hypnosis works!

Yes, it does.  At the end of the class, Sam was excited, pleased, enthusiastic, and he said to me:  “I think I’ve found the holy grail.”  People who are battling weight and have eating issues, yes, they do know the endless search for something that works.

The holy grail?  Perhaps.  🙂  Yes, you have found something wonderful, Sam, and yes, it’s going to lead you to attain your desires.

I don’t make a lot of money teaching at Bellevue College, I mostly do it to spread the good word on hypnosis.  The transformation in Sam’s face from “No!” to “Wow!” makes it all worth it for me.

More classes are coming up, by the way.  Check out my events page.

Warm Regards,