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“Pop”ping a bad habit: Goodbye Soft Drink Addiction

Pop your bad habits, with hypnosis.

Another success story.  K.O. of Renton wanted some help with weight management.  One of her habits was sugar consumption, in the form of soda.  Lots of it.  She was ready for healthy changes.

We did some work.  Yesterday she reported to me:  two weeks and she hasn’t touched it.  No pop!  None.  No desires for it, either.  She’s choosing water instead.

Healthy choice!  Yay, K.O.  (Knockout!!)  Knocking out the undesired habits.

“I’m thrilled!”  she said, yesterday.  Me, too, K.O, I’m happy for your success.

Are there any habits you’d like to pop?  It’s very very doable.  🙂

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  1. Interesting article… I’ve been telling people for years that hypnosis can help lose weight! I dropped 20 pounds in 2004 after ONE session, after trying several stupid fad diets. I was so glad it finally worked. Anyone wanting to lose some weight should check out hypnosis!

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