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She Ended Her Depression & Got Off Meds – With Mindworks Hypnosis

Hello, Hypnosis Enthusiasts!

I love to hear back from my clients with news of their current state of mind/body after our work.  Here’s the latest, from T.V. of Redmond, Washington, who had been suffering depression:

“I’m happy.  More energy.  It’s wonderful!  I’m finished with depression.  I wake up every morning, I’m happy to wake up, it’s easy to wake up, and I feel full of energy!”

She informed me that she is no longer taking medication for depression, as she had been doing prior to our work.  She is being more physically active, working out, doing sports, and has decided on a new career path for herself as well–thoughts of which had been debilitating to her in the past.

Our work changed how she feels, how she experiences life.  Now, life is good.  When you change how you feel, you change how you think, you change what behaviors you engage in in the world, and you make better decisions for your health and success.  Way to go, T!

For the record, I’m not medical and when a client has medically diagnosed issues I get a doctor’s referral–T.V. was working with her MD who ended her drugs.  They are no longer necessary.  I don’t “treat depression,” but how amazing (or not) that life changes and depression vanishes so fast and effectively with Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy.

Warm Regards,