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Mindworks Hypnosis – AKA Wild Owl Central

Owl out my window.
Owl out my window.

Hi, Guys!

I have something very magical to share.  The wild owls came back, this time 3 of them.  Came back to the same tree a few feet outside my office window, where they enjoyed a picnic of raw rodents.  They are absolutely beautiful creatures.  The owls, not the rodents!  🙂  I took some pictures, and even a video, and I’m happy to share them.  Lunch time!

I have my own theories as to why, out of the hundreds upon hundreds of trees in the area where I have my office, the owls chose the tree and branch by my window.  I think it’s got something to do with “energy.”  As part of my Ericksonian hypnosis work, I tell stories and metaphors.  That very tree is the object of one of my metaphors.  For healthy, and thriving life, and positive energy.

I lavish positive energy on that tree every day, and I believe it “stuck.”  The tree is magificent, and if you remember, I told the story here on my blog (with photographic evidence) of how it bloomed before any other tree in the area.  Mere coincidence?

That tree is special.  The owl knows that.  Feels that.

I love my owls.

The Twins
The Twins

Here are some pics.  They are lovely, mysterious, and beautiful.  I was holding a seminar in my office space this past weekend, and the owls came to visit, and participated.  During a hypnotic interlude, one owl did a dance for us.  I attempted to capture it on video, but the dance was done.  Owls have their own agenda!  Owl Nondance!

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