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“Hooo” is ready for some positive changes?

He chose my tree!
He chose my tree!

“Tahooo, tahooo, a merry note!”  That quote is something Shakespeare-ian that Michael likes to say, but it’s also my imagination of an owl’s sound.

Owls!  My office is just south of downtown Bellevue, a minute beyond the land of skyscrapers and cityscape, but you wouldn’t know it from the views out my window.  You’d think you’re in a woodsy park.  Or, as a colleague recently called it:  “An enchanted forest.”  It’s a very wetlands.  The ducks and squirrels and rabbits are constant companions, but look who came to visit me this week, also!!  A giant wild owl.

Owl at Mindworks HypnosisHe was magnificent.  Dark gray, and sat in the tree right outside my office window most of the day.  You couldn’t miss him–I think he was two feet tall.  Riveting!  Beautiful.  Magical.

I’ve never seen a wild owl before in the flesh/feather, only zoo owls and stuffed ones in nature museums.

I love my office!  There’s a peaceful and warm energy there.  And so much green.  To me, this setting epitomizes LIFE.  Fresh, green, changing, alive, growth, movement, joy.  I wonder what that owl thought, sitting there watching me do hypnosis with my clients.  He looked relaxed, sleepy even.  Maybe the hypnosis bounced out the window and he could feel it, too.  🙂  He probably felt very comfortable, because that’s what hypnosis brings to a person.  Much the same list.  Comfort.  Life, growth, movement, joy, movement in desired directions. 

It’s nice to love what you do and where you do it.  🙂

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend, everybody!

Love, Connie

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Connie Brannan, CHt.

PS:  I thought of a pun.  It’s groan-worthy!  🙂  Hypnosis for “owl” of your positive changes.