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It’s Self-Reinforcing

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about hypnosis out there, there being the minds of people.  It’s my job as a professional to set straight what I can.  The truth about hypnosis.  Yesterday I realized a new originating source of those misunderstandings – another local hypnosis provider.  They’re giving out misinformation to their clients.

They’re selling the idea that hypnosis is WORK, something the client has to do involving their thinking/conscious mind.  And do again, and do again.  They’re telling them they have to consciously remember, and plan and make time to DO something on a continuing basis for the hypnosis to be effective.  No!  Absolutely no.  A good hypnotist makes the change-work self-reinforcing.  I sure do.

I had a spider phobia for 30 years.  A phobia IS a type of hypnosis.  In a single experience, I hypnotized myself into believing that that tiny little insect was immediately life-threatening.  And my body would react.  I didn’t have to DO anything to keep that pattern running inside me for 30 years.  I didn’t have to remember to listen to a recorded tape every evening reminding me to remember to be afraid.   How unnecessary would that be?  VERY.

Patterns run in us until they are replaced by a new pattern.  Hypnosis/NLP installs a new pattern.  The new pattern runs.  And runs.  And runs.

Hypnosis changes the way you ARE in the world.  The way you live and breathe.  These changes are positive, healthy, and seamless.  They are inside of a person.  When done well, the change work feels natural and it fits with a person’s entire life.  The less your conscious, thinking mind gets involved in this process, the better.  You just find yourself thinking differently, feeling different, and doing different behaviors–all these congruent with your goals.

I’m not going to give you conscious-mind busy work to do and pretend that that makes the hypnosis “stick” better.  That idea does hypnosis a terrible disservice.

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