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Just in Time for Valentine’s: Feel the Love, or…Effective Relating

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I want to share something personal, and wonderful.  A milestone.  Michael and I have been married 25 years this month!  To celebrate, we took an extended weekend getaway, to Las Vegas, just the two of us!  And we renewed our vows to each other–signing up for the NEXT 25 years of happy love!  🙂  I do!  We did!

Here are some pictures from our Vegas adventure.  I’ve always wanted a Las Vegas Wedding, so this trip, we did it.  We found a chapel, and we did it!  For fun, we dressed up glittery, me in sequins, and Michael in velvet, and we found an “Elvis” to sing and officiate.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!

25th Wedding Anniversary

Love is very much a reason to celebrate.  Committed, ongoing, growing love…even more so.  Everyone we met kept repeating “25 years!  Wow!!  That’s amazing!! What’s your secret?”

I’ll tell you!

Successful relationships are all about relating (an action verb, not a stagnant THING, but a continuing evolution), and communicating.  Effectively!  Communicating what you want in a way that moves you towards your outcomes.  And maintaining appropriate emotional states which support those communications and outcomes, as well.  (In a significant-other context, it’s remembering and re-connecting with why you’re together and in love.)  Lots of people have trouble in this area, apparently.

Well, guess what?  Hypnosis works, for this as well as for so many other things.  A good relationship, be it professional or personal, group-sized social interactions, or intimacy, it’s not luck.  It’s learning, and it’s choice.  I help people in their relating, all the time, helping with everything from sexual intimacy issues to anger to insecurity and more.   How do you want to be, how do you want to feel, how do you want to relate differently than what may be the present state of affairs?

I can help.  NLP and hypnosis are excellent tools for this.

This is kind of like my weight loss success story.  I walk the talk.  I know what makes a successful, fulfilling relationship.  I’m living it!  I wouldn’t trust a therapist or counselor who has been 2-times divorced and couldn’t develop or maintain a loving, long-term relationship to save their life.  You want THAT to guide you for healthy relating?  I wouldn’t.  Pick someone who is successful, and happy.  Someone who lives love and doesn’t secretly sneer at it as a pipe dream, and can help you craft yourself into effective relating states.  I know how.  Belief, and success, I’ve got both.  So can you.

If you’d like help with relating, call me  (425) 564-8608.  What a wonderful Valentine’s gift for you and your sweetie.

Warm Regards,


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