The Cup of Many Handles – or, Change is Easy

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Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm)

A lot of people have questions about NLP.  “What’s THAT?”  They come to me for hypnosis, but rarely have heard of NLP.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™.  It’s a “high tech hypnosis,” according to my teacher and the inventor of those three letters, Dr. Richard Bandler.  Michael and I are both Licensed Trainers of NLP, and it’s a part of everything I do hypnotically with clients in the same way  that green is a part of grass.  I don’t offer a brown, dried lawn, with some patches of green, maybe.  My lawn is LUSH and alive and vibrant green.

NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™ is a way of looking at the world.  A very useful, empowering way.  It’s about how people think, how the mind works, and how change happens.  About the very experience of life.  How we create our personal worlds.   And how we can easily create new worlds for ourselves, to be more the way we want them and less the way we don’t want them to be–mentally, physically, behaviorally, emotionally, spiritually.  I love NLP more than anything else I’ve ever learned in my life.

NLP is based on our sensory experience of the world.  We see through our eyes, and we also create pictures in our mind’s eye.  We hear through our ears, and we create sound bites and audio loops and talk to ourselves in our mind’s ear.  We physically touch things with our fingers and bodies, a table, a piece of fabric, and experience smooth, rough, texture, warmth, and so on.  And we create feelings inside ourselves.  Love, joy, fear.  We can stick something in our mouth and taste it, and we can remember and relive tastes in our memory.  We can smell something under our nose, and we can re-create smells in our mind’s nose.

My Nana made the BEST chocolate cake.  I can taste it right now–in my imagination.  🙂  And smell it.  And see Nana’s kitchen, and her face and her voice while offering it to me, and get a warm feeling of love from it.  All at the same time.  Memories are multi-sensual.

Here’s the secret of life and what NLP has discovered:  those representations that we create in our minds, the pictures, sounds we play, etc. ARE our experience of life.  They drive us.  They are us.  If we change the pictures and sounds, etc, we are changing our experience of life itself.  We are changing our lives!  Changing habits, thoughts, behaviors, bodies.  And more!  This idea creates an absolutely magical control that you can take over your life to get the life you want.  NLP does that!

Regarding the multi-sensual nature of memory and experience, here’s how I describe some of my NLP work to clients.  I say:  imagine a cup filled with coffee.  A nice ceramic Starbucks coffee cup.  (I show them the very one sitting on my desk for ease of illustration.)  It’s got a handle.  Yes, it does.  You pick it up by the handle.  You’re holding the cup.  Now, imagine that cup has several handles, protruding in different directions all around the sides of the cup.  You could grab any of those handles.  And you’ve still got a hold of the cup.  You can raise it in the air.  You can wave it around.  You can drink from it.  (Yay!)  🙂

It doesn’t matter which handle as they all are attached.  Those handles are pieces of our representations of experience.   One handle is images in the mind.  One handle is sound bites.  One handle is feelings.  We have extra handles there for stuff we don’t even understand, yet.  Like the 6th sense.   Or energy.  There’s an awful lot going on in a moment of life and in a memory, some things we perceive, some we don’t, but we are grabbing ahold of IT by any handle.  Grabbing ahold of life!

If you come into my office wanting help with an irrational fear of spiders, for example, I may help you via helping you adjust pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells.  I’ll grab a handle of the problem.  Maybe it’s a picture.  And we’ve got the fear.  And we can tweak it out of existence by tweaking the picture.  Maybe in your mind’s eye a spider is 10 feet tall, and 3 inches from your face.  (That would frighten anyone!)  If we take that picture and shrink it down to tiny, and push it off into the distance, the fear shrinks, too.  We tweak the pictures you make in your own brain, the sounds, the smells, and so on to help you re-create your experience of life.  Cool, huh?  It works!!  You can change your world.  Absolutely, positively magic.  NLP.

If you want to experience some of this magic, you know how.  Call me and come on into my office.  If you want to LEARN this magic, I can help you there, too.  Michael and I are damn good at this stuff, because we love it.   And have trained with the best.  Now, with all this talk of coffee cups, I need to go drink some!  🙂  Bye for now.

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