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The Cobbler’s Wife

In my early days of learning hypnosis, I loved to have conversations with professional hypnotherapists.  Professional hypnotists.  Lucky for me, I found several very open and sharing professionals on a hypnosis forum.  They answered my questions.  Here’s one question I asked, and was answered.

I asked if hypnotists (and NLP people–those using that very specific brand of conversational hypnosis for positive change) were all supermen.  And superwomen.  Having worked on themselves to the point of perfect specimens of precision and excellence.  No limiting beliefs, no bad habits, perfect bodies, perfect lives.  These new tools seemed so miraculous to me (and they are) that I was “just askin’!”  I was beginning to experience success with hypnosis for weight loss, and I wondered how far these professionals were able to use these tools in their own lives, to improve their own lives.  The answer surprised me!

The consensus was, yes, we use them, but only a little, and only when there’s time.  Which, apparently, there wasn’t.  One friend told the story of the cobbler’s wife.  He, the cobbler, the shoe-maker, was so busy making shoes for other people his own family was running around without.  His wife had old, old tattered shoes.  He was wearing old shoes, himself.  Now, that’s sad.  🙁  🙂  I think it would have been of benefit to his business to make his wife some new, damn fine shoes.  For her to wear, love, show off, dance in.  People would notice.  Her shoes would attract attention, and get him MORE business.  “Wow, look at those beautiful shoes, where’d you get them?”  “My husband makes these shoes!”  “Wow, I’m coming in, I want shoes like that!”  🙂

I’ve decided to flaunt my shoes.  Only they aren’t shoes.  My personal success with hypnosis is manyfold, but the easily visible part is the weight loss.  I want people to notice that hypnosis works!  For weight loss and weight management.

Now, a cigarette-smoking hypnotist can probably help you with smoking cessation and an obese hypnotist can probably help you with weight loss–the tools are the same.  But wouldn’t you rather work with someone who truly KNOWS and lives this success day by day, month by month, year by year?  I would!  Look at my shoes!!  They sparkle!! I’ll make you a pair.

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