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Who wants to learn hypnosis? How to hypnotize and help…yourself and other people as well.

Michael and Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotists, Licensed Trainers of NLP (tm), Design Human Engineers (tm), and more!
Michael and Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotists, Licensed Trainers of NLP (tm), Design Human Engineers (tm), and more!

Hi!  Michael and I are offering a new course in the teaching side of what we do, through our licensed vocational school, Mindworks NLP.  We’re now teaching and training hypnosis!  Not necessarily self-hypnosis (though that’s involved) but HOW TO HYPNOTIZE.  Other people.  Formally.  And instantly.  We teach you many ways to induce trance.  Most importantly, we teach you what to do with people for easy, lasting and positive change once you get them there!

It’s about words.  It’s about language.  It’s about the mind, and how the mind works.  It’s about hypnosis and positive influence, unconscious influence.  It’s about well-forming goals.  It’s about attaching motivation to goals.  It’s about easy and powerful change.  And we teach you!  All this, and more!  🙂  Who wants to become a hypnotherapist?  Or learn more of the skills for your own personal enrichment?  Now’s your opportunity.

 And, as they say, when opportunity knocks, open that door and go in!  See what’s there for you.  This is for beginners as well as others who may want to improve their existing skills in hypnosis.  Become a “Certified Hypnotist!”

The training is 4 full days of lectures, demos, and experiential practice here in Bellevue, WA, beginning April 10th.  This year.  Soon.  As in, let’s do it!  The course is officially called:  “The Magic of Hypnosis – Introduction to Hypnotic Techniques and Therapeutic Suggestions for Change.”  But I have my own name for it.  🙂  I just call it “FUN!”  Maybe a couple more exclamation points.  FUN!!!

Here’s more info:

New:  Our Hypnosis Course:
“The Magic of Hypnosis – An Introduction to Hypnotic Techniques and Therapeutic Suggestions for Change.”

You’ll learn the fundamentals of hypnosis.  Powerful hypnotherapeutic processes.  What is hypnosis, how to hypnotize, how to influence the unconscious mind.  You’ll learn how to make lasting and powerful suggestions.  You’ll learn how to connect people’s motivations to their goals in irresistible ways.  You’ll learn how to create change that is easy, immediate and positive.

You’ll learn:
–how to hypnotize
–formal trance inductions
–instant inductions
–the art of hypno-babble
–direct suggestions that pack a whallop
–indirect suggestions (Ericksonian language)
–what is hypnosis, & how to recognize it
–the art of the “pretalk”
–guiding clients through well formed outcomes
–and more!

It’s cool stuff!  You can sign up for our hypnosis training right right now at (upper right column)!  The training dates are:  April 10, 11, 17 & 18, 2010 in Bellevue, Washington.  (more details to be emailed to participants).  We meet 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on those Saturdays and Sundays, which is perfect for residents of the Seattle metropolitan area who work during the week.

The price for this exciting 4 full days of training is only $795 to experience and master the magic of hypnosis.  It’s for the beginner and professional hypnotherapist alike.  Learn and hone existing skills through live experiential hands-on trainings with the best–Connie and Michael–both are master hypnotists!

Now, I don’t want to brag (well, yes, maybe I do!  Or maybe it’s not bragging when you can deliver what you offer), but Michael and I are fantastic at this.  Good at hypnosis.  Good at teaching.  Damn good.

So, that’s it.  You can sign up online.  Right now!  Or, if you’d like more information, you can email me at or call!  Michael and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.  We’re limiting class size, of course, to assure personal attention.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you KNOW what I think about hypnosis.  It’s amazing, and it’s powerful, and it changes lives.  Doing this work makes me happier than I’ve ever been.  Maybe you’d like to discover that happiness for yourself as well.

Warm Regards,

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  1. Hi, James. The next go-round of Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™ certification training begins in May, 2010. Right now, we’re offering a series of weekend trainings, but there’s an “intensive” format coming soon as well. More info is here: I’ve spiffed up the training site, new header, some testimonials added, check it out!

  2. Great blog. It is almost disturbing to realize how much we are all influenced by the power and structure of language, but it is easy to see from this text how such indirect suggestions can produce massive behavioral changes in others whilst under hypnosis. … Thanks for sharing your ideas here

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