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World Hypnotism Day!

Hi, Hypno Friends!

January 4th is the “official” 6th annual World Hypnotism Day, a day in which all things hypnotic are celebrated and knowledge spread to the general public about this fantastic tool for change!  The “day” was yesterday, but it’s celebrated by formal and informal hypnosis organizations all this month!  Personally, I celebrate hypnosis every day of my life!

My little sister was describing me recently to a family member who hasn’t seen me in quite awhile:  “Connie’s happy now.”  Yes, I am!  And I credit hypnosis as the impetus and mechanism for making MAJOR shifts in my life, my body, my attitude, my career, my joy.  So, everyday for me is I Love Hypnosis Day!

However…there is a formally recognized day.  And it is now, and all this month!  And it has events!

I’m a part of two major World Hypnotism Day Events this year, and I thought to share the particulars with YOU.  Because, you’re invited.  You’re invited to attend, and learn, and experience more about hypnosis.

1)  My Professional Organization, The NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) – WA (Washington State Chapter) has an event on January 30th!  It’s tentatively to be held at the Seattle Public Library, all day that day, which is a Saturday.  More information is to be found here:

National Guild of Hypnotists
National Guild of Hypnotists

There will be talks and demos and participatory STUFF presented by a select few of top notch professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m presenting a talk on self hypnosis!  C’mon down and get hypnotized.  It’s free–though there are some classes/events to be included which are earmarked for hypnosis professionals and enthusiasts and those have a modest fee.   Free is good.  C’mon down!

2)  There is a Hypnotherapy & Mind-Body Wellness Day happening on January 16th at the Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland.  That’s also a Saturday.  This could be your month of hypnosis-happening-Saturdays!  🙂  I’m a part of this event as well.  I am presenting a talk entitled:  “New Year, New You!  Managing Your Weight Through Hypnosis.”  2 pm.  C’mon down.  Meet me!  Listen to my talk!  Learn more!  It’s all good!

Here’s more information on that:

Evergreen Medical Center on 1-16-10.
Evergreen Medical Center on 1-16-10.
I do hope you can make the time to learn more about hypnosis, and attend either or both of these events, either for all day or a talk or two.  BECAUSE…it’s powerful stuff.  Hypnosis is!  Good stuff.  Who knows?  You may just be delighted at what you learn, entranced enough to want to learn more, and perhaps make a move as I did, and incorporate this into your life!

Warm Regards,