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World Hypnotism Day 1/28 – Thank You to Attendees!

Hi, Guys!

Michael and I attended the festivities today in Bellevue around our state’s National Guild of Hypnotists’ chapter’s World Hypnotism Day events.  Michael and I were financial sponsors of the event as well as participants.  Michael gave free public talks on getting over PTSD, and another on the Magic of Instant Change, and a class for professional hypnotists on hypnotic “inductions.”  (Bringing someone into hypnosis.)  He also manned a Q&A panel to answer questions re:  hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

I gave a free talk on Smoking Cessation, as well as a paid course for professionals on how to bring a resource state into a problem state and dissolve the problem state — Advanced techniques of NLP Anchoring.

It was a long day, but FUN!  Thank you to all who attended, and we hope you learned more about the power of your own minds.

World Hypnotism Day is an event to promote the understanding of hypnosis as a healing art–I think that we met that challenge today.  🙂  For more local events, keep your eyes on my “events page” at the top of this blog.  Hypnosis is something to be celebrated all year long, not just one day.

Warm Regards,

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Mindworks Hypnosis Sponsors World Hypnotism Day Event 1/28/12: Dump the Weight, Quit Smoking, and More!


Celebrate World Hypnotism Day with us!
Celebrate World Hypnotism Day with us!

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

Join us for a FREE day of hypnotic adventure, as we celebrate World Hypnotism Day!  Here’s more information. It’s in Bellevue, Washington, at the Bellevue Coast Hotel (right off of NE 8th St and I405) on Saturday, January 28th. It runs 8 am til 5:00 pm and includes a free continental breakfast and a free comedy hypnosis show and free hypnotic lectures and opportunities for group trance experiences. We are so happy to be co-sponsors of this event.  One of my personal goals is to bring the good word on hypnosis to a larger public awareness.  Hypnosis is really amazingly successful, and if more people knew about it, REALLY knew, it would become much more mainstream for making healthy changes.

Warm Regards, Connie

Here’s our press release:

Mindworks Hypnosis of Bellevue, Washington, is co-sponsoring a free public event:  “World Hypnotism Day” to be held at the Bellevue Coast Hotel on Saturday, January 28th, 2012 from 8 am – 5 pm.  In partnership with the NGHWA (National Guild of Hypnotists, Washington State Chapter), Connie and Michael Brannan of Mindworks Hypnosis and other highly respected local hypnotherapists will be presenting free lectures and experiential classes to the public on a variety of topics as part of the 8th Annual World Hypnotism Day.  World Hypnotism Day is an international event promoting the truths and benefits of hypnotism.  Learn more here:

Among the highlights:  Michael Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP™, presents a talk on “Getting Past PTSD,” and Connie Brannan, Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist., presents “Quit Quitting–Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation.”  Other topics by local professionals demonstrate the role of hypnosis for weight loss, stress release, enhancing sports performance, and more.  In addition to these events, there will be a free comedy hypnosis show.  Join in the World Hypnotism Day events in Bellevue, WA–learn, have fun, and get hypnotized!  There will be a complimentary continental breakfast.

Mindworks Hypnosis is proud to co-sponsor World Hypnotism Day with the NGHWA, which is dedicated to the furtherance and understanding of hypnotism as a healing art.

Media Contact:  Connie Brannan, CHt.
Phone: (425) 564-8608
Web Site:

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“Get to Know Hypnosis,” More about World Hypnotism Day events this Jan 22nd.

Hi, guys!

As this event nears, the details are becoming more clear.  And I want to share them with YOU!  Because the more you know about hypnosis the more you can begin to realize your own power to have the life you want.  And that’s terrific!!

Here’s the venue.  Bellevue Coast Hotel.  It’s right off of NE 8th Street in Bellevue and the 405 freeway.  EASY to find.  Free parking.  It’s on Saturday, Jan 22.  It’s pretty much an “all-day” event, with a free continental breakfast beginning at 9:30 am and lots of free talks to attend in 3 different rooms (and paid talks if you want to learn more and I mean REALLY learn) and culminating in a free comedy hypnosis show.  Come on down.  See the show or BE the show.  We’re having a professional stage hypnotist from the Portland area come and entertain.  Her name is Debby Taylor, and she’s good!

There will be several free talks, and not just talks.  EXPERIENCES.  A chance to trance.  Get hypnotized by professionals.  For free.  Begin to stimulate your unconscious mind in that way, that leads to positive changes.  In my talk, it’s about healthy suggestions for weight loss.  Hypnotist Cheryl Chamberlain’s free talk will focus on smoking cessation.  Hypnotist Keith Livingston will offer a free self hypnosis training experience.  Michael, my husband, and the President of the organization hosting this event, the NGHWA (National Guild of Hypnotists, Washington State Chapter), will present some cool things you can learn and do right now “The Magic of Instant Change.”  His talk is NLP focused, and NLP is a highly specialized VERY cool high tech hypnosis.  Michael is also presenting a trance experience.  And there are more speakers!  All the info is here:

AND…if you register early (you can also just show up without registering) you get something else.  A free DVD to the first 50 registrants.  It’s jam-packed full of information about hypnosis, written information, audio information, and video.  The DVD includes amazing movie clips of Michael demonstrating hypnotic phenomenon.  He got a girl to “forget” the number 3 and how to count, and also to forget her own NAME!!!!   (Of course, he also returned those memories to her.)  This is real.  The power of the mind is amazing.  Just watch!

I do hope you’ll come and “Get to Know Hypnosis.”  Hypnosis is worth knowing.

Warmest  Regards,

Connie on Dinner Cruise (2)

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Free World Hypnotism Day Events – January 22nd @ the Coast Hotel in Bellevue

Learn more about hypnosis!

Hi, Guys! I’m a member of the NGHWA, that’s the National Guild of Hypnotists, Washington State Chapter.  We’re the local chapter of the NGH, a national professional organization of hypnotists and hypno-therapists.  It’s the oldest and most prestigious hypnosis organization in the United States. We are dedicated to furthering the understanding and acceptance of hypnotism as a healing tool.  I’m all for that!!

The NGH has created a worldwide event, called World Hypnotism Day, which happens in January.  My chapter is a part of that, and I’m a part of it as well.  I’ll be giving two, possibly three talks at our local “doings.”  🙂  One is absolutely FREE to all, and it’s on the topic of HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS.  (You know I know whereof I speak on this topic, I’m living that success!)  I’m also giving a paid talk/training to area professional hypnotists as part of this event–to enhance their skill sets in this same area, helping people to let go of weight with hypnosis.  There are several speakers, and several talks and experiential workshops.  Who wants to come down, learn more, and get hypnotized?  There’s also a complimentary continental breakfast for attendees, prizes, and a free comedy hypnosis show.

Learn more about our group’s event and register for it here:

I do hope you’ll join us.  It will be masses of fun for those interested in learning more about hypnosis, experiencing some hypnosis, and hobnobbing with hypnotists.  It’s Saturday, January 22nd.  10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Stay for one talk, two, more, or stay the whole day.  Your choice!  We’d love to have you attend!

Warm Regards,