Are you Ready?

Are you ready?

Another client testimonial.  Michael of Seattle says:  “I lost 4 pounds!  (the first week).  I’m loving it!  I’m eating less, and food tastes better.”

That’s right.  You’ll eat less and enjoy it more.  No “deprivation,” you’ll just be doing what feels right, naturally.

With hypnosis, we install the same unconscious strategies that “naturally slender” people use.  A strategy inside our mind determines our habits, our responses, our behaviors.  Let’s make it a healthy one.

It’s February.  Have your healthy New Year’s Resolutions faltered with sheer “will power.”  Let’s use all of your mind power, and make change easy and accessible.

Call me and I’ll explain more about how it all works.  And work it does!  Magnificently well.  Mindworks Hypnosis– voted Best of Bellevue 2011 for “Weight Loss and Control Program.”  BEST.  That means most effective.  More so than other diet programs out there, other diet clinics, other hypnotists.

Personally, I want the best.  You deserve the best.  Call me.  Connie Brannan @ (425) 564-8608.

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Mindworks Hypnosis for Weight Loss Success – the Evidence Mounts!!

Positive Changes with Mindworks Hypnosis and NLP.

You go, Girl!!

Hi, Hypno-Friends.  Take a look at Nicole and her transformation in process.  Isn’t she beautiful??  And read what she has to say about her experience with Mindworks Hypnosis and NLP to help her attain her goals.  In short, hypnosis works! 

Caveat, when shopping for your life change, you need to find a skilled hypnotist, one who has some creativity and inspiration, as well as creative “power tools”  like Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  Hypnosis is not only a science, it is an art.  My mother was an artist.  And so am I.  🙂   Judge some of my work for yourself. 

Here’s what Nicole says about her tranformation:

I’ve worked with Connie on a couple different occasions, and she has changed my life completely.  I went to her for my lack of energy and enthusiasm for working out and losing weight. I’ve lost 50lbs and am now 10lbs from my goal!  

“I love hypnosis…I feel a foot taller.  I feel thinner.  I feel lighter.  I feel like a superstar!…Go see Connie!  She’s magical!

If you would like to begin some similar life changes for yourself, that beginning is as near as your telephone.  Call me.  Connie (425) 564-8608.  Also, more information on my weight loss services is available here:

Warm Regards, Connie

Connie Brannan, CHt. Master Hypnotist

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP