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Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

I’m happy to report receiving another 5-star review of my work on my Google Business Page.

“I do not have sugar cravings anymore!!  Connie worked with me for four weeks and it’s been about a month since I last saw her. I was just studying and noted that I honestly don’t crave sugar or junk food anymore. We also worked on some limiting beliefs that I used to have. Let’s just say my life is a lot better. I’m so grateful I found her!” –Aude Thema, Seattle, WA

If you’re ready to get serious about healthy, I’m ready to help.  I have the tool kit, called Neuro-Lingustic Programming and hypnotherapy, creatively customized and blended for you and your mind and your goals.  This trademarked service is called Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy®.

Find out more anytime!

Yay for happy clients.

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It’s a Weighty Issue – Food Choice

Remove food temptations with hypnosis.

Goodbye, Willpower. And that's a good thing for weight loss.

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

The holidays are looming, and all those over-indulgence opportunities: holiday sweets and treats in the office, family parties, Turkey Day where the turkey isn’t the only thing getting “stuffed,” and so on are looming as well.

During the months of November and December, it’s easy to get wild and shelve healthy eating. It doesn’t have to be that way. At this very appropriate time, I’m offering a series of essays on weight management. Here’s number one!

It’s a Weighty Issue – Part I: Food Choice

It seems that a large percentage of the population is thinking about their weight at any given moment, reading about this new diet, that new food plan, purchasing diet products, and/or in the midst of dieting. Our weight truly is a national obsession.

So, why do diets and food plans fail so miserably to help people achieve a healthy weight and stay there? A “diet” is a conscious (thinking) endeavor. It involves analysis, logic, and willpower. That can’t cut it long term.

There’s more power in the mind beyond thinking.

Unconscious Drivers

We THINK we know why we do what we do. And we’d be wrong. Weight management and issues therein are a complex web beyond conscious choices. They involve unconscious patterns of behaviors, and embedded beliefs about ourselves and the world that can limit us. These unconscious drivers are just that, unconscious, beyond our awareness. They get embedded in us and like a program installed on a computer they run and run and run.

What is the benefit of hypnotherapy for weight loss? We can actually get in there and address and change these patterns of unconscious behaviors and limiting beliefs. Update the programs running in us. Change how we feel and what we do. These changes lead to long-term sustained weight loss success and weight management.

Weight loss is a weighty issue. Yes, it is. There’s a lot involved. In my office working with clients we address a variety of changes that may be useful. I’m planning a series of essays which I intend to share here on my blog, dealing with the issues hypnosis helps with, such as food choice, portion control, emotional eating, motivation to exercise, self image, negative self talk, limiting beliefs, time management and priorities, and more aspects of the weight management puzzle.

The number one change needed on everybody’s list is food choice — is there a predilection toward sugars and sweets? And/or too many carbs such as pasta, pizza, and potatoes? Not enough vegies? Drinking enough water? I’ve heard it all, uncontrollable attraction to unhealthy choices, such as cookies, chocolate, candy, cake, donuts, sugary sodas, French fries, chips, etc. And the gamut of ho-hum all the way to aversion responses to healthy choices.

Why Willpower Sucks

What is willpower? It activates during the “I want it” vs. “No, I’m not going to have it.” struggle. We’re torn between two competing desires. Willpower is the conscious mind taking control and activating a conscious decision. Usually, it’s the “no.” Willpower is weak. Willpower is difficult to maintain long term (yo-yo dieting proves this).

With skilled hypnosis, we erase the need for willpower altogether. Let me say that again. We get rid of any need for willpower. Willpower is forced to the surface when there’s a struggle. What if there were no struggle? What if your brain just said “no” automatically? There’d be no use for willpower and it wouldn’t even come into play. You’d just be doing something different because it feels right.

For example: I have no interest or desire to jump out of an airplane for sport. NONE. In fact, it’s not going to happen. It’s on my “no way” list. Do I obsess about jumping out of an airplane? Of course not. It never enters my mind. Do I struggle to force myself not to jump? Of course not. Do I jump? No. It’s not what I do. What if eating unhealthy became a “no” rather than a struggle? That’s what skilled hypnotherapy achieves. Will power goes back on the shelf. Don’t need it!

Beyond the Willpower Struggle

Here are some of my client results/comments regarding activation of this change:

“Hi Connie, Just had to send along this spread of the party I was at last night. All of the things I find the hardest to resist! Meats, cheeses, bread, crackers, nuts. It was so nothing to me! I didn’t have ONE THING! And the best part was I didn’t WANT one thing!

It’s just so amazing to me. I am sure it’s “another day at the office” for you but, for me…oh my goodness it was so awesome to not obsess over having it or not…wow. Thank you!!!”  – Lori H., Mercer Island, WA

Is her willpower in play? No. The craving for these particular food choices is gone.

“I’ve lost 40# in 4 months… My sweet tooth and chip obsession disappeared overnight. My self esteem skyrocketed. It’s been months since I’ve seen you and yet I’m still right on track with my goals.”  E. – Seattle. Is her willpower in play? No.

“I don’t crave ice cream at all now! Or chocolate. I am in shock!!!” — Saliha B., Issaquah, WA. Is her willpower in play? No.

I hope you get the picture here. These people are not “dieting” to avoid sweets and “temptations” and they’re not struggling, they’re just automatically choosing different in ways that serve their weight management success. That’s what skilled hypnosis can do. Hypnosis creates the positive changes that move people by addressing and changing the unconscious patterns. No diet can do that.

Keep reading here for continuing essays on the various aspects of the Weighty Issue of weight loss and weight management, and the successes to be had through Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy.

Warm Regards,

Ending Sugar Addiction with Hypnosis – As Told by Chocolate

I’m having fun with my “narrative collage” videos.  Here’s another.  This is how I imagine a box of chocolates would feel after discovering that her people have a new and powerful focus on healthy eating.

Truth be told, hypnosis is a fantastic methodology to end the sugar cravings, the sugar urges, the sugar “addiction.”  How would you rather feel about sweets?  We can enact those changes.  That’s where NLP shines!

I offer free consults to those that are serious and interested.  If sugar has you by the throat, we can loosen it’s hold.  Find out more:

Warm Regards,

Goodbye Sugar Cravings!

End the sweets cravings – with Seattle’s Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

Goodbye, sugar cravings.  This is a tempting time of year, isn’t it?  Halloween treats, holiday parties, family baking…  If you’d like to take control of your sweets cravings and evaporate them, there is a good way.  It’s called HYPNOSIS!

I helped Brian with just this thing, and here’s his results:

“Hello Mind Transforming Wizard!

Connie,  You’re again amazing. The small tune up was just want I needed. …after a while I just didn’t ever crave sweets and frankly I just ignore them all together. It’s crazy, I just pass them by.

Cheers! and here’s to the good life.”

Yay, for success!  That’s what it’s all about.  This isn’t touchy feely counseling talk talk talk about your problems, this is CHANGE THEM.  Now.  We can and we do.  If you want skilled help, just ask!

Warm Regards,