Why Halloween is a very Hypnotic Holiday

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

When I was little, this was my favorite holiday.  Perhaps it still is.  However, the appeal is not the sugar rush, nowadays.  It’s something more wonderful, and more useful, called imagination. Tonight I’ll be handing out candy to the neighborhood hobgoblins, and I get to see imagination in action.

I was in a coffee shop awhile ago, and a little boy and girl came up to me and informed me that they were, respectively, a princess and SUPERMAN!!!  He told me that with passion and intense conviction, and although he wasn’t wearing his costume at the moment, I could see it.  Yes, he was superman.

Knowing that you’re superman is a good thing.

Imagination is power.  To an unimaginative adult, a chair may be just a chair–something to sit on.  To a child, a chair may be so much more, a car, a pony, a fort to climb on, a spaceship.  What I love about Halloween is that it allows adults to reconnect to this essential and playful imagination that we all had as children.  I was at the costume store the other day, and saw imagination in full play.  Adult imagination.  Adults looking at, trying on, playing with Halloween costumes, and props–faces alive with “let’s pretend.”  Yes, I AM a pirate!   There was a magic in that store, and a life and energy that you don’t find in everyday life.  Simply:  it’s imagination.  One of the “rules of the mind” I teach in my Bellevue College courses is that “imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”  Yes, it is!

I love imagination.  It’s the stock in trade of what I do.  Helping people change, in ways they want to.  But, before they can do that, they have to have the imagination to see life could be different.  They must be able to imagine themselves cigarette-free, thinner, more successful, etc.

That’s part of what I help them do–because I can see it for them.  Clearly!  A person can come into my office with 50 pounds to lose, and I can fully imagine them thinner and healthier and living life with full passion.  It’s who they really are.  I can “see” their face thinner.  Their body slimmer.  I can see twitching turn to calm.  I can see happiness instead of depression.  Hypnosis helps me communicate what I know is true for them.  When people are feeling “stuck” in their lives, partly it’s because they’ve stomped down this innate childlike ability to see the world as full of possibility and potential.  I help people reconnect with that ability, and change is streamlined.

Halloween is something wonderful in that it allows us to play and imagine.  That’s a muscle worth stretching.

All the Best to you and yours this holiday,

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