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Another Happy Camper! (Weight loss client.)

Hi, Guys!

C. L. of Kirkland, Washington is a weight loss client of mine.  Today she gave me a lovely report of her continuing success.  She’s let go of weight, pumped up the exercise, is making healthier choices, is sleeping better, and in general feeling better in her own skin and her own life.  She says:

“I feel so empowered!  I feel like I’m in charge of my choices now, rather than following whims or food cravings.”

Right on!  It’s about power.  Yours.  Your unconscious mind is amazingly resourceful and can create a new body for you, new habits, new behaviors–once you communicate with it in the right way.  That’s where I come in, with my hypnosis & NLP expertise.

Most people pack on a few extra pounds during the holidays what with parties, and goodies, and family functions starting with the feeding fest known as Thanksgiving.   It doesn’t have to be a fattening time of year.  Are you interested in losing weight during the holidays??  Yes, it’s absolutely do-able.  Find out how.

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