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NLP is the Study of Successful Thinking.

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Neuro Linguistic Programming

Hi, hypnosis friends!

In my office and my client work, the primary tool is NLP.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  I blend this with creative hypnotherapy, reiki, and more.

My clients ask me: “What is NLP?”  Short answer:  NLP is the control panel for the mind.

Here, again, is a little video I created to help explain:

Dr. Richard Bandler (NLP’s co-originator) says: “NLP is the study of successful thinking. …It’s really all about problem solving, in the end.”

I am one of Dr. Bandler’s Licensed Trainers of NLP®.  In addition to owning and operating a career school teaching NLP, I also use it daily in my client work.  Our toolkit is the artful manipulation of unconscious strategies and taking conscious control of them—the pictures in our mind, our inner voice(s), our inner thoughts and beliefs, and how we feel in any given moment. All of these create what we do and how we perform and live–and ALL are under our control.

With NLP, we don’t study what went wrong (problems), we study who can do it right (it being anything) which we can then replicate.  We can adopt those unconscious strategies and  attain similar abilities and successes.  For example, it’s not how or why a phobia was created, it’s about the person who shook it off and changed.  He did that in his mind, and so can you.  With NLP, we have the strategy to end a phobia (any phobia).  I know it works because that was my very first “convincer” experience with NLP—having my decades long spider phobia vanish in a NLP class exercise.

It’s an amazing skill set for effective communications both within our mind and with others in the world, rapport, influence, self empowerment, and more.

More info about NLP is here  Our FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions Page.  If you’d like some rapid and powerful changes in your life, NLP is the way to go.  Find out more anytime,  I do offer a free in office consultation where I explain how I can help and answer questions about these tools of hypnosis and NLP.

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Clinical Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
Originator of Designer Feelings®
Originator of Designer Beliefs®
Design Human Engineer™
Persuasion Engineer™
Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist
Managing Partner, Mindworks Hypnosis

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What Can Hypnosis Help With?

Hypnosis unlocks your power of mind!Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

I’ve been doing this work, hypnosis and NLP, in the Seattle area for 9 years now. And what I absolutely sense is that hypnosis is becoming more recognized as something that WORKS.  Something that helps.  More and more people are considering it as a powerful and QUICK and lasting solution to the problems of everyday living.  And so they should, because it is.  🙂

Michael and I have a saying, and you can quote us:  “If the mind is involved in the activity, then hypnosis can help.”  “If the mind is involved in the activity.”  That’s everything!  And because so many new people are becoming aware of hypnosis, I think it bears repeating: Here are just a few of the things that hypnosis can help with:

Anger Management
Accelerated Power to Heal
Better Relationships
Compulsive Thinking
Confidence Building
Confidence in Dating
Confidence Driving
Creative Problem Solving
Dealing with Stress
End Migraines
Eat Healthy
End Alcohol Abuse
End Anxiety
End Depression
End Excessive Guilt
End Negative Thinking
Enhance Sex
Enjoy Meeting New People
Fear of Dentists
Fear of Elevators
Fear of Heights
Fear of Loneliness
Fear of Open Spaces
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Snakes
Fear of Spiders
Fear of Success
Feel Good – Look Good
Find Your Passion
Gambling Addiction
Get Over What Others Think
Get Popular Social Comfort
Golf Enhancement
Goodbye Jealous Thoughts
Goodbye Tension Headaches
Healthy Eating
Healthy Hypnosis for Life Style Changes
High Blood Pressure
Increase Assertiveness
Increase Your Concentration
Interview with Confidence
Job Loss
Learning Languages
Mental Toughness
Midlife Crisis
More Creativity
More Motivated
Motivation for Exercise
Organization Skills
Overcome Caffeine Addiction
Overcome Fear of Failure
Overcome Social Anxiety
Pain Management
Panic Attacks
Perfect Sleeping
Perform at Your Best
Performance Nerves
Personal Growth and Development
Phobias and Fears
Positive Self Belief
Pregnancy Nausea
Public Speaking
Quit Smoking
Recover from Divorce
Relationship Insecurity
Relax Socially
Relief from Stress
Say ‘No’ with Confidence
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Self Actualization
Self Development
Self Esteem
Self Hypnosis
Sexual Performance Anxiety
Shopping Compulsion
Shortcut to Meditation
Speak in Public with Confidence
Sports Hypnosis
Start Conversations
Stop Bedwetting
Stop Biting Your Fingernails
Stop Blushing
Stop Procrastinating
Stop Self Sabotage
Stop Writers Block
Teeth Grinding
Test Anxiety
Weight Loss Hypnosis
Workplace Motivation

If any of these positive changes are on your “to do,” list, come in to our offices and learn how we can help.  Mindworkshypnosis & NLP, that’s Seattle’s best and highest skilled hypnotherapy.

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLPAll the Best,

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Hypnosis is Meditation on Steroids

Hypnosis unlocks your power of mind!Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Michael and I are offering 4 Power of Mind Workshops next month in the Seattle area, Bellevue, WA to be specific. It’s a great way for people to learn amazing empowerment techniques and ideas at an affordable cost in a tiny chunk of time. One Day!

These are all one-day “taster” seminars offered through the private career school side of my work:  In the workshops we explain, demo and the students play with NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (the Art & Science of Excellence).

Michael and I are also offering one seminar on Self Hypnosis, which has caught my attention and prompted me to post.  Every time I teach self hypnosis at Bellevue College, someone asks me:  “Well, how is self hypnosis different from meditation?”  I’ve thought of a great answer:  hypnosis takes it to the next level, with an added oomph for success. Hypnosis is “meditation on steroids.”  And you can quote me!  🙂

Meditation IS a kind of hypnosis, where the goal seems to be to achieve the state of quiet mind and roll around in it–hoping some good things spontaneously generate.  And they probably will!  What’s different about self hypnosis?  Hypnotherapy and self hypnosis use this state of mind targeted for strategic change:  GOALS. With self hypnosis, you’re telling your mind to DO something, to create a specific outcome for your life, whether it be healthier habits or a new body shape, or accelerated healing, or becoming multi-lingual quickly, etc. etc. etc.  Here the etcs are endless.

Yay, for the brain, and it’s very agreeable nature!

At Bellevue College I teach a snippet of this material, as the time allows there.  NOW, Michael and I are teaching this together through our own school, Mindworks NLP, and are offering it to you in an expanded format.  An all day event.  It’s slated for June 20th.  More info is here:

Hypnosis is one of my great loves.  I have another:  NLP.  Here’re the other courses we’re offering next month:

Power of Mind Workshops

NLP for Personal Development: June 6, 2015
Rapport & Relating, NLP for Dating: June 13, 2015
Self Hypnosis: June 20, 2015
NLP for Sales and Business Success: June 27, 2015

Connie Brannan, CHt.All the Best,


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Teaching Tonight – Self Hypnosis @ Bellevue College

Learn Self Hypnosis at Bellevue College
Learn Self Hypnosis at Bellevue College

Room for one more, honey!  (Line from a Twilight Zone episode I particularly enjoy!)  🙂

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I’m teaching another course at Bellevue College.  This one is  “Building Confidence and Self Esteem Through Self Hypnosis.”  It’s 2 nights, tonight (Feb 15) and also Feb 22.  Six hours total.  In those magical 6 hours, I’ll be presenting an experiential hypnotic extravaganza of learning.

I hypnotize the group en masse, and set a trigger for the students to return to “instant trance” anytime they like.  With this tool, we can focus our own minds on positive changes–and the unconscious mind is the part of your brain that makes things happen.  It’s the seat of our emotions and behaviors.

In the class, we practice hypnosis.  We learn the truth about hypnosis.  We learn how to craft what’s known as a “well-formed goal.”  (You have to know what you want in order to get it!)

It’s fun.  It’s hypnotic.  It’s inexpensive.  This class through Bellevue College is only $89.  What a deal!  If you want in, there’s still room as of this writing:

Hypnosis.  It’s everywhere you want to be.  Including Bellevue College tonight.  Join me if you can, you must sign up through BC.  I know you’ll be glad you did!

Warm Regards,

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Find Your Power

Learn from the best.
We learned from the best.

Hi, Hypno-Friends!  I’m sharing a “musing” today.

My teacher, Dr. Richard Bandler, in addition to being mega-uber famous, is a nice guy.  Very nice guy.  After conducting intensive seminars, he also makes time to make himself available for his students.  He’ll answer questions people are too reticent to ask in class, he’ll pose for photographs, and he’ll autograph any of his dozens of published books.  I did all of those things with him, including asking him to sign a copy of one of his books for me, “Frogs Into Princes.”

He kindly did.  He wrote in my book, “Connie, find your power.”

I was and am thrilled.  “Find your power.”  Dr. Bandler gave me a direct suggestion.  Yay!  I’m doing it.  I made a photocopy of that page, cut out that sentence in Dr. Bandler’s distinctive writing and stuck it under my acrylic desk blotter at Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.  I look at it every day, and I remember to continue to find my power more and more.

Dr. Bandler IS NLP, he is co-inventor of it, and named it.   What is NLP?  Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of successful thinking, it is a type of conversational hypnosis that creates positive changes fast faster fastest.  It’s been called “hypnosis on steroids.”  I live it.  I love it!  I use it.  I teach it.   It’s the basis of my personal success, as well as all the positive changes my clients have enjoyed, and the clients of my students as well.

“Find your power.”

I use social media, primarily FaceBook, not as a search engine optimization gimmick (as some local hypnotists do) but because I think it’s fun and a wonderful way to share and connect.   I mentioned on FaceBook about Dr. Bandler’s directive sitting under my desk blotter.   Someone posted in reply criticizing Dr. Bandler–thinking it was a negative comment about me.  “Why?   Is it lost?  That implies you don’t have power.”

If someone says to you “find your keys,” does that imply you don’t have keys?  No, it means you have them and you want to get them in your hand so you can use them to turn on the car and get going!  I think “find your power” means connect with your power, grow your power, and the premise there is, you have power.  I know I do.  I know we all do.

One of the presuppositions of NLP is that we, every one of us, do indeed have infinite resourcefulness and power.  Everything we need is already inside us to create change in ways that we find useful.  NLP, it’s a methodology of continued empowerment.  If you don’t like where you’re at, you choose and do something else!

Thank you, Dr. Bandler.  “Find your power.”  It’s an ongoing joy-filled process, and I’m working on it!

Warm Regards,

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Hello, Success and Achievement!

I worked with the gentleman below for anxious feelings which were inhibiting his success and helped him reconnect to his own positive energy.  It was always there, in abundance.

“Hello Connie,  I just wanted to let you know, so far everything is going great! I’m very happy I had the opportunity to meet someone like yourself in my life. You’ve helped me so much…you have a tremendous amount of positive energy and that’s what I’m naturally all about! : )  Thanks again!   Best regards,  Wasiem Hamadeh, Renton, WA”

Yay, Wasiem!  You go, boy!  🙂

For the record, I’m not medical.  I never “treat” anxiety or any medical conditions.  I simply help people feel better, choose different behaviors, and life improves and goals are met.

Doctors subscribe to the one-size-fits-all methodology of change.  Categorization.  Labeling. And then medicine’s idea of the grand fix–here, take this drug.  Or these drugs.  You have “depression.”  Here’s a drug for that.  You have “anxiety.”  Here’s a drug for that.  You have “insomnia.”  Here’s a drug for that.  Problem is, that often doesn’t work in creating solutions and a better life.  Client-centered NLP and hypnosis does work.

Everyone is different, and what they need is different.  I figure out how (not why) my specific client is choosing (yes, it’s a choice) to feel anxious, or sad, or stuck, or what
have you.  All these “medical conditions” which really devolve down into feelings and behaviors flowing from having those feelings can be easily changed with NLP and hypnotherapy.  We choose a better feeling or blend of feelings instead.  Take two of these (better feelings, how about happy and joy-filled) and and you won’t need to call me or anyone else in the morning.

Warm Regards,

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It’s Time for Change!

Hi, Guys!

I found this pic today, and it’s so perfect. As a metaphor, and an idea. Yes, it’s now. And it’s now again. Wait. Wait for it…tick, tick, tick, tick…now it’s now again. Grab ahold of NOW. It’s time for change.

Smokey Robinson is one of my favorite singers and songwriters. He wrote a song I really like called “More Love.” (Good title, good idea.) Some of the lyric goes: “Let it be soon. Don’t hesitate. Make it now. Don’t wait. Open your heart and let my love come in, I want the moment to start when I can fill your heart with more love, and more joy than age or time could ever destroy….” Smokey knows what’s important.

This could be a hypnosis song. Let the joy come in is right. Joy attached to positive and long-lasting change. Hypnosis opens a life to joy and a myriad of other good feelings. Good stuff. Do it now.

Wishing you a joy-filled now.
Warm Regards,

Connie & Michael
Connie & Michael
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8/3: A Chance to Trance – Discover Hypnosis for Goal Manifestation (Bellevue College North Campus)

Hello Hypnosis Enthusiasts & Interested Parties!

A few seats are still available for this!  I posted about this a few weeks ago, but you know, it’s worth repeating!!  It happens tomorrow evening.   An entertaining and experiential event for those who want to achieve something.  That means you.  That means all of us.  Who doesn’t have goals?  I don’t know any human tumbleweeds, people I meet want things and to accomplish things and achieve things.  Here is a something SO COOL that works.  Remember that old commercial, try it, you’ll like it.  Try hypnosis.  You’ll LOVE it.  Warm Regards, Connie

You never stop learning! Not ever. That’s one of my core beliefs, and as such it leads to the possibility of creating continuously a life more in alignment with pleasure, joy, success, power, and so on. Learning gives you the ability to rudder your own ship. Learning is power. Learning is magic. Learning keeps your mind sharp and young.

Who wants an easy and FUN one-evening learning experience, which just happens to be amazingly useful as well? (And inexpensive.) I’m offering something new at Bellevue College, as part of the Personal Development Continuing Education program. Info:

A Chance to Trance: Discover Hypnosis for Goal Achievement

Everyone can be hypnotized and learn to focus their own unconscious minds in powerful ways to achieve their goals. If you’ve ever wondered what trance is like, here’s your chance to experience it. A Chance to Trance. Experience hypnosis first hand and be guided through an ingenious process of goal manifestation by Master Hypnotist & Licensed Trainer of NLP, Connie Brannan. Bring a pillow, if you like, and bring a goal for your life success!

A Chance to Trance: Discover Hypnosis for Goal Achievement
Item: R8970 Connie Brannan
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM North Campus Room: V1104
Sessions: 1 W Address: 14673 NE 29th Place Bellevue, WA 98007
8/3/2011 – 8/3/2011 Fee: $39.00

If you’re in the Seattle area, you’re close enough to get in on this! It’s not just information, it’s DOING. I guide the whole group into a wonderful trance and lead them through a change process of goal setting and manifestation. It’s cool. It’s ingenious. It’s something I’ve created that I use one-on-one with my clients for their life goals, and it’s POWERFUL. It works!

And, notice the amazingly low, low cost of just $39 for the evening’s trance experience. Bellevue College set that price, not me. I think what I’m offering is beyond price. Judge for yourself. Join me. The sign up link (you must sign up through Bellevue College) is here:

Come one and come all (class size limit 20) for this unique experience. It just may change your life.

Warm Regards,
Connie Brannan, CHt.

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Feel Good Spin

Here is another video demonstrating the transformational power of hypnosis.

My mom was an artist.  Water color, oils, mixed media… realistic work, abstracts, she was massively creative.   She created many series of her artwork, including one I particularly love.  She called it:  “Loving the Spin I’m In.”  I have several pieces from that series on the walls in my office.

Mom art SpinShe was right.  It’s all a spin of our own creation.  She chose one that she loved.  Me, too.

If you’re sick of the negative spin of your thinking and feeling, choose something different.  Now.  It’s so easy…with the tool of hypnosis.

Warm Regards,

Get Tranced!

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Expand the Boundaries of Your Thinking.

Michael and I made a couple new videos tonight.  Here’s one.  I call this a “magic moment.”  It illustrates hypnosis without being about hypnosis.  🙂  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to think outside the box.  Hypnosis allow you the ability to do just that, and create workable solutions to life’s challenges and dilemmas. 

Warm Regards,

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Rewire the Brain Through Hypnosis

RewireHi, Hypno Friends!

Well, Michael and I attended another hypnosis training event this past weekend, because it’s always a good idea to learn more and increase skills.  It was fantastic!  As you may have noticed from my conversations here (and that’s what this blog is, me thinking out loud), I CARE about hypnosis.   And being good at it.  I LOVE hypnosis.  I live hypnosis.  I want to share the good word on hypnosis.  It is so positive and so powerful, so healing, and so mis-understood and underappreciated it the world.  (You may enjoy my blog entry on “Hollyweird.”)  People are influenced by movies, TV, popular culture–and those media do not always portray the reality of hypnosis.

So, I have two stories I want to share in this blog entry.  1.  My recent efforts to combat “Hollyweird” by giving my professional input into a performance involving hypnosis and 2.  More about my hypnosis training and the cool and valuable things I learned there–how to help rewire the brain, specifically for stroke survivors.  However, rewiring is also applicable for so much more than that.  We also enhanced our knowledge on how to alleviate pain with hypnosis, and “emergency hypnosis” for those life and death situations such as car crashes or dealing with burn victims.

Story 1.  I had a fun new gig.  I consulted for a theater company.  They’re putting on a play in the Seattle area and it involves a scene of hypnosis.  They wanted to get it right, be authentic, so they contacted me.  I was happy to help.  I met with the director and several actors and explained the truth about hypnosis, what it is, how it feels, what it can do.  They acted out the scene for me and I critiqued.  (So much fun!)  More than just describing, I also hypnotized them to experience it live and first hand.  Because, experiencing is believing.  They’re believers now.  In the positive power and magic of hypnosis.  Yay!!  Take that, Hollyweird!  🙂  And Hollyweird’s continuing saga of evil, thieving, murdering, insane hypnotists with their armies of hypno-zombie slaves.

Here’s an entertainment source putting a more accurate depiction out there.  I approve!  Here’s the play, by the way, if you’re interested.  It opens this Friday:  The play is “Shoreditch Madonna.”

Story 2.  Don Mottin 001 Cropped EnhancedMore about the training.  It was two days of continuing education, put on by the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists, which is the oldest, largest and most respected professional organization of hypnotists in the US) and Michael and I both attended.  Yay!  We now have more tools to help with pain management, emergency hypnosis, and helping stroke survivors.  We learned to rewire the brain through hypnosis–which is something we do on a daily basis anyway, but now specifically targeted for helping stroke survivors.  After a stroke, there may be a loss of movement, vision, cognitive function, and so on.  These tools help stroke survivors to be more functional and regain capabilities!  A worthy goal, and wonderful hypnosis tools.

Here’s a picture of me and the instructor, Don Mottin.  Besides being a stroke survivor himself, He’s Vice President of the NGH.  That’s the national group, and we were darn lucky to have him travel to Seattle to offer this training.  It’s all in the family as Michael, my Michael, is President of our state’s local chapter of the NGH, the NGHWA.  One of the facets of the guild is to have a committment to continuing hypnosis education.  This is some of that!  Yes!  Learning, in my model of the world, is ongoing and forever.  That’s what I want and that’s what I do.  Learn and utilize.  My intention, of course, is to be the best and most helpful hypnotist I can be.  More tools is good tools.

If you know someone who has suffered a stroke, please do consider hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a tool to help them rewire their brain.  I know this works, and I’d be happy to work in conjuction with their medical MDs to enhance the healing process and regain their lives!

Warm Regards,