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It’s time for hypnosis!

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

In addition to our hypnotherapy and NLP clinical work in the Seattle area, we also teach through our private career school.  And we’ve had some fabulous students over the years. Here is a post for “The Hypnotizer” by a guest blogger, my student, Alexa Ritter.  Alexa is an amazing hypnotist and Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®

Enjoy Alexa’s words of wisdom!  All the Best, Connie

Hypnosis for New Year’s Resolutions by Alexa Ritter

How many times have you made a New Year’s Resolution?  Maybe 25? 35? 45? 50? 70? And how many times did you stick to your resolution for the entire year? That number, if you are anything like the rest of us, is probably a lot lower.

This is because change can be difficult if one tries to do it through will-power alone.  The main reason why anyone is celebrated or praised for adhering to a New Year’s resolution is because they are fighting an uphill battle and “surviving”.

As Albert Einstein once proclaimed, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply decide to make a change in your life, and then sit back and relax as your wish becomes your mind’s command?

With hypnosis, you don’t even have to try to achieve your goals! The struggle fades away, and the battle is won instantly.  You can say “goodbye” to that miserable year-long process of attempting to create change, and say “hello” to becoming the boss of your own life!

If your boss told you to do something, you would do it without hesitation. Just like your boss is in charge of you at work, your unconscious mind is in charge of how your life works.

However, your unconscious mind isn’t just some old boss – it is you—the manifestation and accumulation of all that you can be, and all the power you have. It is limitless, expansive, creative, and omnipotent, regardless of any preconceived notion of what you can and cannot do.

The reason why you may have struggled to create change in the past is because your conscious, analytical mind stopped you. It came up with all sorts of excuses, limiting beliefs, bad ideas, and temptations. The funny thing is, that whatever change you wanted to make, was more than likely a conscious idea. And by eventually limiting and contradicting itself, your conscious mind really was unresourceful.

Unlike the conscious mind, the unconscious mind is extremely resourceful.  It knows exactly how to make all the changes necessary in order for you to have what you desire. Permanently and easily!

During hypnosis, your unconscious mind is given suggestions, or instructions on what needs to be done. It then finds a healthful and appropriate way to take you there, and demands compliance from your conscious mind. Your conscious mind stops creating the problem, and fully accepts the effective course of action formulated by your unconscious.

So why not make this year different? Why not utilize your unconscious mind to make changes instantly, easily, and permanently?

Not only will you receive praise from your friends and family for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, you will do it almost effortlessly, and your lasting success will become an inspiration to them. They will want to know your secret!

And hypnosis is the answer!

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“At Cause” Your Life to be Wonderful

Hypnosis is Empowerment

Hypnosis is Empowerment.

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

Happy November. Michael and I wish you and yours some fabulous holidays. 🙂

Speaking of fabulous, I’m often asked “What is hypnosis all about?” Here is another answer. It’s about moving yourself from “I can’t.” to “Yes, I can!” It’s empowerment. Here are some thoughts I’ve written up on the empowerment power of hypnosis!

There are unhappy people in the world who say: “I can’t!” and they make excuses. There are people in the world who let their lives be limited. They feel trapped or stuck. “My life sucks.”

On the flip side, there are powerful people in the world who say: “Yes, I can!” And they do. They say: “I’m going for it! I choose how I live.”

Which describes you? And, which would you rather be?

Empowerment. Hypnotherapy and particularly, NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, are about opening up the mind to new, more desired choices and new possibilities. And making them happen.

A problem is really a problem only if you believe it to be. Henry Ford, the famous automaker, had that wonderful saying: “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!” Hypnotherapy is all about “Yes, I can.” The belief controls the actions and outcomes. Hypnotherapy empowers useful beliefs.

In my line of work there is a terminology to describe this empowered vs. unhappy state of mind. It’s called being “at cause” vs. being “at effect.” Being “at cause” means I cause my world to be what I choose it to be. Power. Choice. Control. Being “at effect” means I am a cork bobbing on the ocean, helpless to the seas and currents. “At effect” means no control, feeling like a victim.

An aside: Now, this is funny. My speech to text program heard “at effect” as “a defect.” “Being a defect means you are a cork…” And people actually do get this idea. They think of themselves as having a defect, something defective about them, their mind, their personally. I say no way! What we do and how we live, it’s all a choice. And what’s nice about choice is that we can always choose something new at any time.

It is my belief and also the premise of the work I do that people are infinitely resourceful. They do have choices. What I do is open up more choices for them. It’s so easy to do this. Fear is a choice. Calm is a different choice. Overeating is a choice. Healthy eating is a different choice. Smoking is a choice. Not smoking is a different choice. “At effect” people have no idea of their own ability to choose, they live their life in that victim mentality feeling trapped. It doesn’t have to be that way. While other therapies which activate conscious resourcing offer a very limited utility for change, hypnosis kicks “at effect” out the door.

Here’s an example from my work. I had a client who is a musician. She had a fear and anxiety around solo performances. She had been to other therapists for months who made her examine in infinite detail her life history, her relationship with her parents and the deep, deep, deep, psychological reasons for the existence of her problem. Guess what? That didn’t fix it. She came to me and one session of NLP/hypnotherapy later she is performing without anxiety. It’s a new choice that her mind has chosen. I want calm and confident! Okay let’s do that! (That’s where hypnosis and NLP come in, they can do that!) This change in a person’s thinking, that’s being “at cause.”

If only the world knew how easy it is to be powerful.

I believe everyone is capable of choice. Everyone is capable of making their life better. Everyone is capable of getting the life they want. These tools I use are so fast and fascinating. and they result in a life being “at cause”. That means we make choices that bring us happiness, joy, health, and success of all varieties.

Another benefit of all this, the bridge burns after you cross it. When you become a person “at cause,” the excuses for things not being the way you want them to be dry up. You’re not making excuses anymore, you’re taking action. And creating change and success. Once we see ourselves as powerful and in control of our choices and outcomes, there’s no going back. And that’s wonderful. With the right tools, flipping that switch, power ON, in the mind can happen faster than you think.

Warm Regards,

You can find out more info. of the successes to be had with these mind technologies of hypnotherapy and NLP, here:


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