Seattle rain got you feeling SAD? Hypnosis helps.

I was born in Seattle, and I happen to LOVE the rain.   And rainy winters.  When I lived in Arizona I felt like a fish out of water, too much sunshine for me.  Not everyone shares my enthusiasm for Seattle’s climate, however.  Some people find dark, endlessly drizzly days depressing.  They’ve even given it a fancy name:  Seasonal Affective Disorder.  SAD.

If you find yourself sad or otherwise negatively affected by Seattle’s rainy winter, I can help.  I have tools to help you change your neurology (how you feel), which changes how you act.  Better feelings!  Hypnosis, it’s sunrise in a bottle, pink, and bright, and full of promise.  Newness and freshness.  If you’re tired of sad, we can change that.  Faster than you imagine.

Call me and you’ll be laughing in the rain.  I believe they made a song like that.  🙂  What’s useful about feeling better?  Everything.  When you change how you feel you change what you think, and what you can and do accomplish.

I offer a free consult to help you learn more about hypnosis as a powerful tool for personal change.  Call me!  (425) 564-8608.

Warm Regards,

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