A Little Boy Had Fear – And Now He Doesn’t

Erase fear with NLP.

It’s not been frequent, but I do work with children as well as adults.  Children are VERY responsive to Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis.  I’ve worked with as young as six years old.

What’s needed is an ability to focus/engage/play through the processes with me.  I had a wonderful little 8-year old boy like that the other day.  He came in with a terror of elevators.  Not just a fear.  A wide-eyed terror.  He had learned it.  We proceeded to unlearn it.

I did my thing with him, Neuro Linguistic Programming, primarily.  We created new feelings and new pictures and new sounds in his mind around elevators.  Better ones.  We did some hypnosis as well, with imagery to create security and a sense of well being.


I like to test my work, always.  Immediately in the real world, when possible.  My office building has a small elevator.  (And smaller elevators had been even more terrifying to my client.)  The boy, his mom, and I rode the elevator that day.  Suddenly, an elevator was an amusement ride, something FUN to do.  He wanted to push the buttons.  He rode down, he rode up.  Feeling happy.  Feeling good.  “Mom, let’s do it again!”  We rode down and up again.

As they left my office I heard him saying to his mother, “I want to ride the elevator!!  Can I push the buttons?”  Fear is gone.

A side personal note:  I have relatives that are very very successful in the realm of retail stores.  They sell pretty things to people who have a lot of money.  That’s nice.  By anyone’s standards looking at them, they are success and wealth personified.  One of those relatives made a comment yesterday suggesting that the work I do is insignificant.

I think what I do is infinitely more important and more valuable.  A little boy had fear.  And now he doesn’t.  I believe that transformation is worth more than all the tea in China.

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Say Goodbye to Phobias

I’ve created a new web page highlighting my work with phobia-fixes and fear release!  It’s one of my NLP areas of expertise, and a pleasure to help people with this.  Fear sucks.  Let’s change it.

Seattle Hypnosis For Phobias.
http://www.seattlehypnosisforphobias.com/ Check it out, let me know what you think! 🙂

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