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RewireHi, Hypno Friends!

Well, Michael and I attended another hypnosis training event this past weekend, because it’s always a good idea to learn more and increase skills.  It was fantastic!  As you may have noticed from my conversations here (and that’s what this blog is, me thinking out loud), I CARE about hypnosis.   And being good at it.  I LOVE hypnosis.  I live hypnosis.  I want to share the good word on hypnosis.  It is so positive and so powerful, so healing, and so mis-understood and underappreciated it the world.  (You may enjoy my blog entry on “Hollyweird.”)  People are influenced by movies, TV, popular culture–and those media do not always portray the reality of hypnosis.

So, I have two stories I want to share in this blog entry.  1.  My recent efforts to combat “Hollyweird” by giving my professional input into a performance involving hypnosis and 2.  More about my hypnosis training and the cool and valuable things I learned there–how to help rewire the brain, specifically for stroke survivors.  However, rewiring is also applicable for so much more than that.  We also enhanced our knowledge on how to alleviate pain with hypnosis, and “emergency hypnosis” for those life and death situations such as car crashes or dealing with burn victims.

Story 1.  I had a fun new gig.  I consulted for a theater company.  They’re putting on a play in the Seattle area and it involves a scene of hypnosis.  They wanted to get it right, be authentic, so they contacted me.  I was happy to help.  I met with the director and several actors and explained the truth about hypnosis, what it is, how it feels, what it can do.  They acted out the scene for me and I critiqued.  (So much fun!)  More than just describing, I also hypnotized them to experience it live and first hand.  Because, experiencing is believing.  They’re believers now.  In the positive power and magic of hypnosis.  Yay!!  Take that, Hollyweird!  🙂  And Hollyweird’s continuing saga of evil, thieving, murdering, insane hypnotists with their armies of hypno-zombie slaves.

Here’s an entertainment source putting a more accurate depiction out there.  I approve!  Here’s the play, by the way, if you’re interested.  It opens this Friday:  The play is “Shoreditch Madonna.”

Story 2.  Don Mottin 001 Cropped EnhancedMore about the training.  It was two days of continuing education, put on by the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists, which is the oldest, largest and most respected professional organization of hypnotists in the US) and Michael and I both attended.  Yay!  We now have more tools to help with pain management, emergency hypnosis, and helping stroke survivors.  We learned to rewire the brain through hypnosis–which is something we do on a daily basis anyway, but now specifically targeted for helping stroke survivors.  After a stroke, there may be a loss of movement, vision, cognitive function, and so on.  These tools help stroke survivors to be more functional and regain capabilities!  A worthy goal, and wonderful hypnosis tools.

Here’s a picture of me and the instructor, Don Mottin.  Besides being a stroke survivor himself, He’s Vice President of the NGH.  That’s the national group, and we were darn lucky to have him travel to Seattle to offer this training.  It’s all in the family as Michael, my Michael, is President of our state’s local chapter of the NGH, the NGHWA.  One of the facets of the guild is to have a committment to continuing hypnosis education.  This is some of that!  Yes!  Learning, in my model of the world, is ongoing and forever.  That’s what I want and that’s what I do.  Learn and utilize.  My intention, of course, is to be the best and most helpful hypnotist I can be.  More tools is good tools.

If you know someone who has suffered a stroke, please do consider hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a tool to help them rewire their brain.  I know this works, and I’d be happy to work in conjuction with their medical MDs to enhance the healing process and regain their lives!

Warm Regards,

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