Not That, This! An NLP Visualization Technique for Positive Change

Happy successful life with NLP and hypnotherapy.Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

How would you like to learn to minimize problems out of existence?  You can!  Here’s an easy and powerful NLP technique to “explain to the brain” the things you want and the things you don’t want.  Not that!  This!

I was working with a lady in my office one day recently, and in the course of our work, she complained to me: “You’re minimizing my problem!” Yes! Yes, I am. And so should you. That’s the whole point of this work: to minimize problem(s) out of existence. And yes, we can.

Would you like to minimize your problems to the point that they don’t exist? Here’s an NLP technique to do just that. Literally.  Read more…

A problem is only a problem if we define it as such in our own mind and life. Take “stuck in traffic” for an example. Some people caught in Seattle traffic listen to music and smile and dream happy thoughts. Others smack the wheel in rage and hurl obscenities and skyrocket their blood pressure. It’s the same situation, the response is different.

One man’s misery is another man’s joy. My sister works in the field of accounting, and she loves it. It’s her passion. I did that work for awhile, and let me tell you, it was not my passion. It was mind dead boredom. I know a man who had his leg blown off in the war. He’s not vegetating in a wheelchair like others in his situation, he’s out and about helping design his own artificial running leg. He’s an athlete. And he runs.

Things stop us from achieving our goals only if we let them. The right mind set and the right set of driving emotions moves us forward. Here’s the great and relatively unknown aspect of all this. We control that mind set and set of driving emotions.

That control panel is called NLP. Neuro Linguistic Programming. We can control how we feel, think, and act. We can program (instruct) our minds to respond how it’s useful and appropriate to respond to move us forward towards our goals. Any goals. That’s NLP.

This control panel in our minds is sensory operated. It’s visual. It’s sound-based. It’s feeling based. And these things, pictures, sounds and feelings, lead us into behaviors and beliefs. People think of beliefs as solid things, tangible, like a rock. They’re not. They’re more fluid, like a flowing river. And we can change the direction of them at will. That’s NLP. It’s effective communication with our unconscious minds, that part of us which defines and determines our reality

This programming (instruct the mind) technique I’m sharing today is visual. I call it: Not that, This! It’s formal name is “The Visual Swish.” In this technique, we take the unconscious mind by the hand and show it clearly what we want. And what we don’t want.

When the unconscious mind understands what we want, it will take us there. A simple still image can convey an enormous amount of complex information and meaning. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” as they say. Looking at a picture, we absorb incredibly large amounts of data quickly.

Again, here’s the article:

Not that feeling, this one. Not that belief, this one. Not that habit, this one. Not that body, this one.

Play with this visual technique. It’s a five minute process which could change your thinking and your actions, your outlook and your life.

I hope you enjoy your “Not That, This!” outcomes. There’s so much more to this control panel in our minds. If you’d ever like to learn how to run your mind and optimize your life, take our Seattle NLP Training courses. Michael and I are Licensed Trainers of NLP ® through the originator of NLP, and we offer certification courses here in the Seattle area.

All the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Licensed Trainer of NLP ®
Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapist
Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP

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Tell Your Brain: “It’s Over!”

Have you ever stewed over a problem situation, looping negative thoughts again and again in your mind? Maybe it was about family, maybe about work, maybe it was health related. I know we all have those “stew times!!” Some call it worry, or obsessing. I call it unnecessary.

What if a problem that has been looming large in  your mind could be minimized to the point of trivial? What if this problem / situation / icky-ness was absolutely OVER as far as you’re concerned and  didn’t affect you negatively anymore? That would be great, wouldn’t it?

Here’s a super simple (and massively powerful) NLP technique to do just that – to put thoughts of a problem behind you.

When we think about our life, we have a mental construct that’s called a “timeline.” We have NOW. We’re in it. There’s also a sense of past. And a future. These things actually have directionality in our minds. We “see” our life around us in space. For most people I discuss this with, the future is ahead of them, in a direct line moving out into space in front of the body. Tomorrow is close in front, and next week is further out in front, and next year is further out than that, moving along a line stretching from your body out into infinity in front of you. The past is often behind, directly behind us, and similarly, the further back in space behind the body is the further back in time in our minds. PS: Everyone’s different and there’s no right or wrong timeline. MY future is out to my right hand side, and the past goes off to my left.

Sit for a moment and think about your life, and identify your personal sense of time, your timeline.  Got it? Good!

Now, for a moment, focus on the problem you’ve been stewing about, the thing you’d like to STOP giving your mental energy.  Perhaps it’s something outside of your control and there’s no point in generating endless bad feelings about it. Or something that belongs in the past and you haven’t put it there. Yet.

Let’s do that now! Make an image in your mind that represents the “problem.” Any image will do. Whatever pops into your mind’s eye is fine. Now look at that picture, pretend it’s a picture on a canvas or screen. Notice in particular the size of the image and where it seems to loom in space.  Is it right in front of you?  Off to the side?   Close? Far away? Is it life size? Notice what you can notice about the qualities of the picture, size and location.

Now, imagine that the picture begins to change. It’s getting smaller. Smaller, it’s collapsing in on itself, like a resizing in photo-shop. Same image, just smaller. Keep shrinking it. More. Until the picture’s canvas or screen is the size of a postage stamp.  Now, shrink it to half that size! Good! Now, check in with yourself and notice if you feel better in some way about the “problem.”

Next step. Imagine that the tiny picture sprouts wings and the image begins to fly through space, like a moth. And it takes off into the directionality of your past. If that is behind you (your past), see the image moving away from you in space behind you. Further and further behind you.   Until you can’t even see it. Now, the wings fall off and the picture plops down and stays, planted where it fell. Into the past. Where it belongs.

Check in again with yourself, and see if the “problem” feels different to you. Perhaps it’s not even there. A problem is only a problem if you think it is, and this process changes your thinking. Go for it, and discover for yourself how you can reframe your thoughts so quickly and powerfully. You’re amazing beyond your own knowing, and this process is a super easy way to tell your brain: it’s over!

Go for it and let me know your results!

Warm Regards,

PS:  Michael and I have 1-day seminar events coming up in September.  You can learn more ways to use pictures, feelings, sounds, to change your thinking and change your life.  More info is here:


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