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Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

When I was a kid growing up in the Seattle area I had a book of stories. One was called “Ever so much more so.” It was about an invisible, magical powder in a can which you could sprinkle on things and improve them. Sprinkle “ever so much more so” on a donut or on a cup of coffee and you would have an ever so much more so delicious donut or the best coffee ever (does Starbucks know about this?)

This magical powder was an intensifier, just as it could make anything better, it could also make things worse. If you didn’t like coffee to begin with, sprinkling it with the magical powder would make you dislike it “ever so much more so.” The secret ending to the story (spoiler alert!), there was actually nothing at all in the can–the changes were created through imagination.

I often share here on my blog and in my newsletter an idea: what you focus on expands. Your mind is the intensifier–your mind is the “ever so much more so.” If you focus your attention on what you don’t want, you get more of what you don’t want appearing in your world. If you focus your attention on what you do want, you get more of that. Focus affects our outcomes, which I know to be true from my years of work as well as my years of LIFE!

How, then, do we control our focus and, thus, our outcomes? Hypnosis! Focusing your attention on a problem state (as different talk therapies like to do) wraps you much tighter into the problem. Focusing your mind on solutions and the positive things you want instead (via hypnosis), moves you in a different and more successful direction.

I’ve been working with a lovely lady who is a professional musician. Her problem was performance anxiety. That’s gone. Now she says she wants to “grow as a musician.” We can do that. Hypnosis is also powerful for what is called “generative change.” Taking what we’re already good at and making it “ever so much more so.”

I’ve worked with a variety of clients for this type of change, most notably athletes, from hobbyists all the way to Olympic and even an “in the record books” Pro athlete has been in my hypnosis chair. They’re good to great at what they do, however, they want more. They want “greater.” Hypnosis can do that! I’ve also worked with musicians, singers, novelists, day traders, artists and creative people of all varieties.

That’s my joy. I do like helping people fix problems–quit smoking, lose weight, end fear, and such. But helping people be ever so much more so creative, powerful and successful at the things they love, that’s what I love best. When I discovered hypnosis, my life changed. So can yours.

Happy New Years to all my Readers!

All the Best,


PS:  For those interested, the children’s book I reference was written by Robert McCloskey–Centerburg Tales: More Adventures of Homer Price.

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Warm Regards,
Connie & Michael

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