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“Can I learn NLP online?  Can I get certified through your school online?”  I received this question again this morning as I have before, and I thought it worthy of a blog entry to answer publicly.  The short answer is “No.”  More emphatically, “No way, Jose!”  Online courses can teach you about NLP, but not how to do NLP.

What is NLP?  NLP is a kind of hypnosis, a supercharged, accelerated hypnosis.  As I’ve discussed many times, NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming is my number one office tool. It’s what I use at Mindworks Hypnosis and NLP to help create success of all varieties.  It’s what I teach LIVE at my career school, Mindworks NLP.

Here was my answer to the inquiry today, from someone outside the United States:

“Hi! Thanks for reaching out. My school does not offer online certifications. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming is a skill set that can only be learned hands on in a live modeling/teaching environment. Online courses can teach you ABOUT NLP, but not how to DO NLP. Our certifications are awarded to people we have personally verified have a skill set, people who will be able to do the work–Licensed Practitioner of NLP® and Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®.

So, my suggestion is: hightail it to a live training.

Not all NLP is created equal, also. Your best bet is to learn through the creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler or his Licensed Trainers  of NLP® (which I am) through the Society of NLP®. Here’s his website: He has Trainers throughout the world.

If a training is not something you can do right now, read any of Dr. Bandler’s books to learn more. I recommend his “Get the Life you Want.” to get started.

NLP is amazing, fascinating, and incredibly powerful. It’s worth your time and energy and money to learn. It’s a methodology of empowerment.  Good luck to you!

The best NLP learning is a live experience, an experiential process involving forming a multitude of base skills such as calibration, rapport management, hypnotic language, and so much more in addition to the “techniques” themselves.  Live practice and informed feedback is essential in this learning.

If you’d like to learn more about our Washington State Licensed career school, Mindworks NLP, check us out:

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