When is a Belief Like a Dead Rat?

A limiting belief is like a dead rat under the carpet.

A limiting belief is like a dead rat under the carpet.

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What’s a metaphor?  It’s a story with a meaning, on multiple levels.  What’s great about the unconscious mind is that it reads all meanings.

I had a client come in the other day.  She had a dead rat under the carpet.  It reeked.  So bad!  The whole room had this unpleasant aura about it, and those who entered found it unpleasant and wanted to escape. She had tried vacuuming the carpet.  And things would look somewhat nicer.  But the dead rat would still be there. She had even tried shampooing the carpet.  And things would smell a little fresher.  For a while.  But the rat would still be there.  And all that reek would return.

You might call it negative energy.  Negative thinking.  Self-critical, self-flagellating.  Self-sabotage in business and relationships and personal goals.   Failure after failure.  In short, and in her words: “My life is sh**.”

The dead rat was an idea in her mind, which I call a “limiting belief.”  A belief of “I’m unworthy” was stinking up her life.  How ridiculous.  And how false.  And how unnecessary.  And no one forced that rat under the carpet and let it fester for a lifetime, she did that.  By now it was very ripe and rancid.

What needs doing?  Remove the rat.

So, we did.

And now, her life is going to improve moment by moment, day by day.  She’s going to have a life of more joy, and success, and love, and power of all varieties.  She doesn’t know (yet) how big this change is for her.  I know.

Because I’ve done this same work to remove limiting beliefs with multiple people before.  A limiting belief is the “big bad” in the mind, and once it’s gone, so much positive energy flows into a life.  And positive outcomes.

Seattle hypnosis services NLP BellevueHow do we do that?  Remove a limiting belief?  That’s the power of skilled and creative NLP.  We can change anything.  My preferred method of making this happen is my creation, a trademarked service:  Designer Beliefs®.

Other therapies out there want to find the rat—which is good, but then they do nothing to remove it!  Instead, they analyze, discuss and debate.  Meanwhile, the stench remains.  My way is quicker and more effective.  We don’t discuss a problem, we end it.  That’s NLP.

As I’m getting older here, I’m becoming more and more aware:  life is short.  And it’s meant to be an adventure of love, joy, fun, freedom, gratitude, laughter, and so on.  Don’t waste it.

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

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