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Another Happy Review of Seattle's Best Hypnotherapy and NLP

Another Success Story

Hi, Greater Seattle hypnosis friends!

Another happy client shares her success with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP services. Diana, of Woodinville, WA, came in for several issues, which we worked concurrently.  She did GREAT, she collaborated and did what I asked, to create a new way of thinking.

“When you change how you think, how you think changes you!”  My hubby and biz partner, Michael, coined that phrase!  And it’s absolute truth.

Here’s what Diana says after 4 sessions of Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy at Mindworks Hypnosis:

“Connie, as we finished up our sessions today I wanted to thank you and say a few words.

I had been to counseling at least three times over the past 28 years for: procrastination/not motivated/negative/low energy/self-esteem-confidence. Well I spent a lot of [time] talking, however, I did not receive much help, only more frustration.

I have always been open to alternative therapies but had not explored the
possibilities of what Hypnosis could do for me until this year. I researched
Hypnotherapists in my area. I viewed your web site and read the patient
reviews. After I watched your video, I felt there was a connection and
believed you could help.

I knew I had made the right choice the minute I walked into your office. The office is very calming, light, bright & creative. You are very confident and explained what therapies you use, your degrees, certificates, years of experience including your own successes. I was ready to get started!

It was all so easy and relaxing. I was amazed after the first session how I
had changed without even thinking about it. I just did not want to be
un-motivated, I had energy to get things done – I did not go crazy by any
means but it felt good to think to myself,” hmm I really don’t feel like
watching anymore TV”. I did not want to put things off until tomorrow – before, I was the queen of making things sound so much better if I did them tomorrow!

It felt awesome to see myself energized to go out for a walk or work in the
yard, instead of ugh – really a walk. I don’t crave the salty snacks, if I eat them – I just have a few and I’m satisfied. The things that bothered me are simply gone, just like you said – whoosh. The hypnosis itself is amazingly relaxing, I was aware of everything – yet the time slipped by.

I am so excited to work with my Self Hypnosis..I let you know how it goes. Thank you again!” — Diana S, Woodinville, WA

It seems like a big bundle of stuff, doesn’t it?  Procrastination.  Self Esteem issues.  Confidence issues.  Negative thinking.  It’s all connected, and our work touches all of it.  We don’t work on one behavior or THING.  We work on life.  Here’s an analogy…pro bowler.  They know how to hit pins to knock down other pins with the one ball roll.  We do that, too.  I look for the biggest and best things to change which will have the most positive impact for the person in front of me.  That skill is part of the artistry of hypnosis and what makes a creative hypnotist superior to a script-reading hypnotist.

I love my art.  And I’m happy for Diana.  I taught her a great tool, called “Self Hypnosis.”  So she can work any goals for herself on an ongoing basis, utilizing this power part of the mind–her unconscious mind.  Conscious mind work didn’t get her very far, as she said, 28 years of counseling.  This approach is very different.  We don’t analyze problems, we heal and end them.  28 years of counseling (and no success) or 4 sessions with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP (and life changes galore).  Which sounds better?  You pick!

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

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