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Feel Great and Lose Weight!

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When you reach your ideal weight, what will be different in your life? My clients often respond to this question with feelings. “I’ll feel happy. I’ll feel healthy, more energy. Proud of myself. Accomplished. Sexy. I’ll feel super fantastic. I’ll feel in control of my life.” Yay!! Terrific. Those are all wonderful feelings.

So, shall I share with you the secret to successful weight loss? I’ve lived it, and so are my clients. It’s why I’ve been named “Best of Bellevue” two years running for Weight Loss and Control Programs. OK, you twisted my arm. 🙂 My clients, and people in general believe that you FIRST have to achieve the goal to feel the satisfaction and other good feelings of achieving the goal. Wrong!

Here’s the secret. The simplest weight loss tip of all: Feel good first! Then your body changes.

So simple. So elegant. So powerful. You adopt the good feelings that the successful completion of your goal will bring you, and you enjoy those good feeling in the now. That changes everything. When you change how you feel, you change how you think, and you change your behaviors. All these positive, good-feeling changes lead to changes in habits, and ultimately changes in the size, and shape of your body.

If you’re feeling energetic, sexy, and healthy, do you want that cupcake? The cupcake doesn’t bring you happy. You’re already happy. Goodbye, emotional eating (a huge problem for a majority of people with weight issues).

My teacher, Dr. Richard Bandler, put it succinctly. “Good feelings. Good decisions. Bad feelings. Bad decisions.” That is so right on! So, what I do with weight loss clients is attach them to the good feelings now. Their own healthy decisions roll from there.

Here’s where hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (a conversational hypnosis) are powerful helpers. These are methodologies which make it so quick and easy to create useful states of mind and body at will. Emotional states or feelings such as happy, healthy, accomplishment, control. We create them, and we attach them to situations where they become useful. That’s what I do. I custom design and blend new appropriate feelings the way you might have a shade of paint for your living room custom blended. I create shades of emotion that are desirable and useful. And then I paint your life with them.

So, yes, this works for weight loss. And so much more. Say you have an unwanted state of mind and body called fear. A phobia. If the phobia was gone how would you be feeling? Calm, safe, clear minded, and free. Ok. Voila. We create calm, safe, clear minded, and free. And using various creative processes we attach that to the context which used to contain fear. Fear evaporates.

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