Seattle Client Success: NLP and Hypnosis End Anxiety

Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP for your end to anxiety.

Goodbye, Anxiety. Skilled hypnotherapy works.

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Here is another happy camper in the Seattle area testifying for Mindworks Hypnosis’ Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy services.  Shelly F. came in with “severe anxiety.”  She reports after two sessions:  “I have absolutely no anxiety now!” Could this be possible?  YES!  Her comments:

“I came in a couple weeks ago with severe anxiety, and (after two sessions)… I am HAPPY!  And I am in love with Connie because she has made my life change for the better so much.  I have absolutely no anxiety now, and I’m excited to start working on some of the other things I have to fix. I would recommend her highly to anybody who is looking to feel better and live a better life.”  Shelly F., Seattle, WA

Is it magic?  Or is it the power of your mind, unleashed?  I opt for the latter.  You have more brain power to make changes than you currently use.  I’m happy to help you use your mind for healthy and happy changes.

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapist

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One and Done! — More Stop Smoking Success with Seattle Area’s Most Powerful Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP — John did!

Lots of people want to know:  Does hypnosis work?  Do the positive changes last?  Yes, and yes!  Here is a another testimonial of success for Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

John M. of Seattle came into my office in July and had a single session of Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy ™.  At that time, he felt so sure he was done with smoking, he literally crushed the cigarettes he had.  Smooshed the pack in his fist.  That was his last pack.  We documented it:

John crushed the smoking habit!

Now, three months later, I have John’s follow up report.  It’s good news:

“Hi Connie,

It was definitely a pleasure meeting you! Since our meeting, I have not had any cravings nor desires to smoke! I feel much better and my blood pressure is down significantly. I also have been eating healthier and started to work out!

I definitely will send any friends over to you. Thank you for helping me!”

     — John M. of Seattle, Washington

Yes, it lasts.  The positive changes last.  For John, it’s three months now–WITHOUT CRAVINGS.  When you upgrade a program (new way of thinking and feeling) in your mind, it stays upgraded.  And your behaviors in the world change.  There’s no going back to cigarettes for John.  Why would he?  He’s a nonsmoker!!   That’s how he sees himself, and that’s who he is.  A healthy person taking care of himself.  Yay, John!

If you need to dump the tobacco habit, well, it’s so much easier than you think.

Warm Regards,

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