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Fear of Driving Left at the Curb

Hi, Guys!

I love happy news.  Not that it’s any surprise to me, but I like to receive confirmation in “the real world” of the success of the work we do.  Joy Epstein of Sun City, Arizona, had a terrible fear of driving–to the point that she had not driven a car in years.  She knew how, and had driven earlier in her life, but had severe panic attacks and could not get behind the wheel and could not drive.  Until she could–with Mindworks Hypnosis.  Which was actually amazingly quick.  (That’s what NLP does for you.)  At the conclusion of the first session with me, when her husband came to pick her up, she got behind the wheel and drove home!  Yay!

People ask me all the time:  do the changes stick?  Of course they do.  When you update a program in your mind, you’ve got a new program running and the old one is transformed.  My spider phobia has never come back, and it’s been 5 years now.  It’s not going to.  I worked with Joy on her driving fear last summer, and here’s the current report:

“I have been able to drive without a panic attack. I drove with my husband on local freeways. I was also able to help him drive from Bellevue to Arizona, which was a dream of mine, and he was so happy and grateful to have a break from driving! You really changed my life, and “thank you” does not seem enough to say.   It was truly wonderful meeting you. I have bragged about you – in the best possible way – to some people here in the neighborhood – so much so, that you may get new clients who fly to Bellevue to meet with you! You are an awesome Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist…thank you for helping me.  — Joy Epstein, Sun City, Arizona”

What are you afraid of?  When you decide it’s time to ditch that fear, toss it to the curb, I can help.  Call me to learn more about my Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy services and arrange for an in-person free consult.  Call Connie at (425) 564-8608.

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