Find What You Love

I love amazingly talented people. Here’s one. I found this story on ABC News this am.

That’s probably my favorite rendition of the Star Spangled Banner — EVER!!  The key to success is what young Julia said, and how wonderful that she knows it and is able to do it.   “What I love.”

I offer a plethora of hypnosis services, from weight loss to quit smoking to sports enhancement.  Here’s what else I do:  help people to find their passion!  That activity, career, LIFE direction, thing that brings ultimate joy and success.  Because, when you do what you love, you are going to excel.

Yay, kudos to Julia for knowing from AGE 2 that singing is her gig!  That’s amazing.  I discovered my passion (hypnosis) much, much later in life, and let me tell you, life is a whole new ball game when you love what you do.

If you need help in finding your passion, guess what?  There’s help.  It’s your own brain, the unconscious, creative, problem-solving part.  We can activate its help anytime you want.

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