Featured Success Story: A New Non-Smoker

Quit Smoking with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLPI love it when I hear from my clients about their happy success through the work I do.  As I tell them from the get-go, I want their successful changes for them as much as they want it for themselves, and we go for it!  If they WIN, I WIN.  (And I like winning.)  Here’s another healthy winner, a newly minted non-smoker after Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy:

“Hi Connie, I have quit smoking, I quit on February 22nd. Haven’t cheated at all and have no desire to restart. I was very surprised to finally wake up that last day and fully quit. The last pack I had took like 4 days to go thru. When the pack was empty, I mentally turned a corner and said to myself I am now a non-smoker. I honestly haven’t looked back or had any remorse or regret. I feel a lot better physically, mentally and spiritually. I find myself having pride in myself for quitting and its led to greater happiness thus far.

Anyway, thank you again for your helping me thru this process and getting to the point where I can release this crutch. Your sessions helped me have a stronger mindset and helped me create more of a creative visual that matched my desire to quit. I will refer your service to anybody I know looking to make changes in their life. Thank you for your services.”  — Dave B., Seattle, WA.

There are so many reasons to quit smoking!  If you’d like to improve the quality and duration of your life, we can help.  Call and learn more.  We do offer a free in office consultation.

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Clinical Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
Originator of Designer Feelings®
Originator of Designer Beliefs®
Design Human Engineer™
Persuasion Engineer™
Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist
Managing Partner, Mindworks Hypnosis

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Creative Mind Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, Seattle!

Hi, Seattle Hypnosis Friends!  I love this cover art from my newest “explaining hypnotherapy in a minute or less” video, which I share below:

It’s a beautiful illustration of the human mind.  Everybody talks about “right brain” vs. “left brain.” Well, it’s all one mind and it works together wonderfully well blending the analytic with the creative.  All of it is important, and it’s all useful to us in order to live a balanced, successful life.


My passion lives in the colorful side.  My work is art, and yes, I’m an artist.  My palette is imagination, and emotion and sound and color, and vivid mind images created by words. I grew up in the Seattle area and my dad was an engineer at Boeing, and a brilliant man, very analytical. My mom was a professional artist and poet, and lived passion and creativity.  I feel like I’ve inherited a mind that is the best of both of them.  Yay, me!  🙂  It helps me in my work to help you!

Here is a brief, new video I created today explaining how hypnosis relaxes the thinking mind and stimulates the creative mind–in this instance, for smoking cessation.  The same processes can be used to achieve anything!  Because you have more power than you think, especially when you don’t think.  As our genius buddy, Albert Einstein, liked to say:  “You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.”

Your mind on hypnosis:  CREATIVE!

The absolute premise of this work is: “Yes, you can!” I help you access the creative problem-solving aspects of your brain to do it.  We can get started any time, for quitting smoking or any other desired life changes.  My office is in Bellevue, WA, and I service all of the Greater Seattle Metropolitan area.

Here’s to the amazing power of your mind!

Connie Brannan, CHt.All the Best,

PS:  For more of our “what is hypnosis” videos, check out our Youtube channel, and our playlist entitled:  “Learn about hypnosis and NLP – Seattle area hypnotherapists.”

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One and Done! — More Stop Smoking Success with Seattle Area’s Most Powerful Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP — John did!

Lots of people want to know:  Does hypnosis work?  Do the positive changes last?  Yes, and yes!  Here is a another testimonial of success for Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

John M. of Seattle came into my office in July and had a single session of Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy ™.  At that time, he felt so sure he was done with smoking, he literally crushed the cigarettes he had.  Smooshed the pack in his fist.  That was his last pack.  We documented it:

John crushed the smoking habit!

Now, three months later, I have John’s follow up report.  It’s good news:

“Hi Connie,

It was definitely a pleasure meeting you! Since our meeting, I have not had any cravings nor desires to smoke! I feel much better and my blood pressure is down significantly. I also have been eating healthier and started to work out!

I definitely will send any friends over to you. Thank you for helping me!”

     — John M. of Seattle, Washington

Yes, it lasts.  The positive changes last.  For John, it’s three months now–WITHOUT CRAVINGS.  When you upgrade a program (new way of thinking and feeling) in your mind, it stays upgraded.  And your behaviors in the world change.  There’s no going back to cigarettes for John.  Why would he?  He’s a nonsmoker!!   That’s how he sees himself, and that’s who he is.  A healthy person taking care of himself.  Yay, John!

If you need to dump the tobacco habit, well, it’s so much easier than you think.

Warm Regards,


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