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The Empowerment of Marian

I love when I see people changing right before my eyes.  A recent weight loss client, Marian Zappala, of Redmond, WA is having wonderful changes through the work we’re doing: hypnosis and NLP.  She’s becoming powerful, and losing weight along the wayl!

Marian is a lovely, intelligent lady who needed more confidence in herself.  Now she’s got that.  After two sessions, she reports that she’s already lost 4 pounds.  Here’s what she says about what she’s noticing:

“I was an emotional eater.  Since I’ve started the process of hypnosis I have felt more confident, more relaxed, and more in control of my life.  And, through this process I have let go of those things that were controlling me, like irritability, boredom, stress,  and I now have managed my eating patterns.  I’ve lost 4 pounds so far.”

I no longer crave sweets, breads, or the carbs that were making me more tired, more heavy,  and more irritable.  I’m feeling more confident!  And I see that it’s almost unconscious that I’m making these decisions to not eat the bread, the pasta, the rice.  And definitely I’m eating smaller portions!  The other night for dinner I chose to have just vegetables, and I was not hungry later.   When I woke up in the morning, I was hungry but I didn’t want or get any bread.  Which is a miracle!”

Food choice changes, yay!  However, self image changes:  super yay!  Here is what Marian says about how she feels more empowered in her life, even beyond just this weight management goal.

“The idea of “I’m not good enough” has been completely destroyed.

I feel more armed for the world, better prepared. My confidence, my ability to manage stressful situations  is back to where it used to be, like 15 years ago.  So now I feel that it’s just a matter of time for me to achieve the weight loss that I want to have for myself.

I’m really happy about all these changes.

I definitely recommend Connie!  You’ll have to come and try it!  You’ll see that even in just one session you can feel a difference in your mood and your attitude towards making changes in your life regardless of what the change is.  The process is very easy.  Connie helps me through all the steps.  It’s funny at times.  It’s something that I think anybody who has an open mind to a change in their life can embrace.”  –Marian Zappala, PHd., Redmond, WA.

Marian came in for weight loss, and that’s happening.  Losing weight and finding so much more.  I’m enjoying seeing this empowerment of Marian.  More!  We want more.

When I help people with weight management, we look at everything–and as we begin the work I ask about 1/2 hour’s worth of questions as to existing habits and patterns.  My questions are not JUST about the food and exercise habits–they’re also about emotions, beliefs, and self image.   I see what needs tweaking for optimal success.  And then we go for it.  Creative hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  It works.

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Connie Brannan, CHt.

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