January 21 is “Blue Monday”… or is it?

How would you rather feel?

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

The internet has cheerfully informed me that today is “Blue Monday, the Most
Depressing Day of the Year” and that I’m supposed to be feeling miserably unhappy and depressed right now.

I’m informed that I have all sorts of reasons to feel bad:  dark short days, holiday debt, cold weather, New Year’s Resolutions that are falling apart.

Too bad so sad, sad ain’t happening.  Not in my body and in my day.

What a lot of “presuppositions.”   That’s hypnosis jargon for things someone else thinks are true, that  aren’t necessarily true.  What if I like cold weather?  What if my healthy resolutions are going strong in full force?  What if I manage my money well, and have no “holiday debt?”  In my case, they are ridiculously false.  And the projected outcome of depression is even more ridiculously false.  Even if all those things were true, it doesn’t follow that I should feel bad.  What if those negative events just strengthened my resolve to change?

How am I coping with “Blue Monday?”  I feel GREAT!!! 🙂 It’s a beautiful day.  My belief:  We choose how we feel, always.  And we can implement desired feelings at will.  That’s hypnosis and NLP.  If you’re feeling “blue” and want to feel better, a skilled Neuro Linguistic Programmer can bring some rosy sparkle into your day and the blue can fade out fast.

Warm Regards,


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