Start With Trust – We are an Accredited Business with the BBB

“Start with Trust.”  That’s the slogan of the Western Washington Better Business Bureau.  And it’s also an essential beginning of any hypnosis work.

We are an Accredited Business with the Seattle area Better Business Bureau

We are an Accredited Business with the Seattle area Better Business Bureau.

Our status as an Accredited Business is your guarantee of ethical business practices. We have achieved an “A” Rating, which is the highest available for our business. After we’ve been in business for seven years (which happens in a few months), we will be awarded the “A+” rating, I’m sure.  That’s as high as it goes.  🙂

“Start with Trust.”  Why is this accredited status and “A” ranking good news for you?  Unfortunately, the “hypnosis industry” does attract some questionable people, un-trust-worthy people.  Many lack skill.  Some lack ethics.  Accreditation by the BBB is your guarantee of professionalism and ethics.  Match that with true, solid, bona fide credentialing in the arts of hypnotism and NLP, and now you’ve got a business to do business with!

Who wants a horrible story?!!  Here is the other side of the coin, wayyyyy other side, on the topic of hypnosis and professionalism.  I went to a hypnosis demonstration once upon a time and the (evil) hypnotist said to someone who wasn’t cooperating:  “Do what I say or your head will explode.”  Yikes!!  This is utterly appalling to me.

I know for a fact that some people practicing hypnotism in the Seattle area have a similar mindset.  They don’t care about people, and they want shortcuts rather than learning, and they don’t care about anything other than money!

There are also people in the world who approach the practice of hypnosis as a serious profession and as a passionate joy!  Me!  And my Michael!  We are doing our utmost to be good at it, so our clients get what they came for.  That’s success, and that’s what I strive for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Success for my clients!  And my students.  To improve the quality of hypnosis skill in the Greater Seattle area, Michael and I teach as well.

When you’re looking for hypnosis services, there are telltale signs of who’s bogus and who’s the real deal.  Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and an “A” Rating indicate the real deal.  That logo, the BBB and flame SHOULD inspire trust.

I hope when you’re looking for hypnosis services, you find someone trust-worthy!

Warm Regards,

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