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Society of NLP - Your Guarantee of Quality

Society of NLP - Your Guarantee of Quality

Hello to all our NLP and Hypnosis-loving friends and interested parties.  Happy spring!

Mindworks NLP is gearing up for more adventures in learning.  Join us!  Heard of chocolate and peanut butter, two great things that go great together?  Well, this month we offer hypnosis and NLP, also two great things that go great together.

Our hypnotic April includes our live 4-day hypnotherapy training, and also begins our 8-day Licensed Practitioner of NLP® certification training.  Hands on, mind on.  All powerful and all fun!  http://www.seattlenlptraining.com

Connie and I are excited to share these events with you!

What’s Happening?

Hypnotherapy Certification Program:  “Discover the Magic of Hypnosis”  4 days, April 18 thru April 21, 3013

Our Licensed Practitioner Certification Program.   Discover our unique Residence Program Format, 8 full days over 4 full weekends:
April 27, & 28, 2013
May 4, & 5, 2013
May 11, & 12, 2013
May 18, & 19, 2013

These promise to be fabulous, life-changing events.  As they say, today is the start of the rest of your life.  Start it off on the right foot.  Our live training is a great way for you to do just that!  Immediately see your success in using these tools for your own life, your business , your interactions and/or as part of your successful therapy practice.  It’s a great way to begin creating a magical life!

The Hypnosis Course covers the fundamentals of successful hypnotherapy, including how to hypnotize, well-forming goals, a variety of methods including instant inductions, and what you say and DO once you have someone in this state to guide them to positive changes.  You earn the following status: “Certified Hypnotist.”

Learn from trainers who actually do the work, on a daily basis, and are massively successful at client transformations.  Connie and I share some of our “secret skillset” which sets us apart and above other hypnosis practices in the Pacific Northwest.  We own and operate Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.  Mindworks Hypnosis

The Neuro Linuistic Programming Practitioner Course teaches a wide range of complementary skills you can use, such as:

Meta Model
Milton Model
New Behavior Generator
Swish Pattern
Change Personal History

And many more change patterns that will have you living life on your own terms and getting the results you want in no time!  Or, go into business as a practitioner.  Make other therapists using other modalities drool with envy at your amazing results, helping people faster and easier.

Visit our website at http://www.seattlenlptraining.com/ for more information, on us, the courses, and the many, many powerful applications of this amazing technology.

Call us if you have questions, and we’ll be happy to tell you more!

Warm Regards,
Michael and Connie Brannan, CHts.
Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapists
Professional Conversational Hypnotherapists
Design Human Engineers™
Persuasion Engineers™
Licensed Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™
(425) 564-8608

PS:  Cool thing to remember, our NLP training gets you formal certification as a Licensed Practitioner of NLP® through Dr. Richard Bandler’s Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®.  You want the best, you get the best!

Your Trainers, Connie & Michael Brannan

Michael and Connie Brannan, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Licensed Trainers, Design Human Engineers, and more.

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