A Time for Stress Release

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

The right frame of mind is essential to success in any human endeavor. Stress, anxiety and fear are debilitating. Anger and disappointment slow us down. A mindset of calm determination, confidence and optimism lead to opportunity and success-seeking.

Hypnosis and NLP for Stress ReleaseThe world is in transition. Current events in the political arena are creating negative emotion and negative energy–widespread. Particularly in my state, the beautiful, Evergreen, Washington State.

Secret #1: As the events of our life and times unfold, we get to choose how we feel. When we change how we feel, we change how we think and what we do. New empowered emotions lead to new behavioral choices.

Secret #2: Skilled hypnosis and NLP help us activate those choices.

If this current climate disturbs you, let me help. I work one-on-one with clients to create new Designer Feelings®.  If you are in need of some stress and negative emotion release right now, call me and I can help. Pronto!

We create new feelings, together. Collaboration! We attach those new feelings where they are useful in your life. We transform a problematic state of mind and body, such as fear, sadness, hopeless, etc. into power and joy and success generators.

Offer for my blog readers: for the balance of November I’m offering a massive discount on my hypnosis-in-a-box, “Stress Management Program.”  This audio CD normally sells for $37, for this month only, $10.

The world is in transition. Choose the direction of your own mind and body and choices. Because you can.

Connie Brannan, CHt. Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP, Licensed Trainer of NLPAll the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
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Seattle Client Success: NLP and Hypnosis End Anxiety

Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP for your end to anxiety.

Goodbye, Anxiety. Skilled hypnotherapy works.

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Here is another happy camper in the Seattle area testifying for Mindworks Hypnosis’ Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy services.  Shelly F. came in with “severe anxiety.”  She reports after two sessions:  “I have absolutely no anxiety now!” Could this be possible?  YES!  Her comments:

“I came in a couple weeks ago with severe anxiety, and (after two sessions)… I am HAPPY!  And I am in love with Connie because she has made my life change for the better so much.  I have absolutely no anxiety now, and I’m excited to start working on some of the other things I have to fix. I would recommend her highly to anybody who is looking to feel better and live a better life.”  Shelly F., Seattle, WA

Is it magic?  Or is it the power of your mind, unleashed?  I opt for the latter.  You have more brain power to make changes than you currently use.  I’m happy to help you use your mind for healthy and happy changes.

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapist

Feel More Alive – With Seattle’s Best Hypnosis – Mindworks Hypnosis

This video reminds me of my client yesterday.  She came in for a second session on anxiety release and reported to me her results from session one:  “I feel more alive.  I’m waking up each morning, feeling motivated.  I’m actually getting things done.”  This lady had a single Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy session with me a couple weeks ago, and already the people around her are commenting on how strikingly more “happy” she is.

That’s what hypnosis will do for you!  Skilled hypnosis, I mean.  My tool kit is full of true NLP expertise, and that leads to happy.

“Depression” and “Anxiety” are states of mind/body that can be altered.  Quicker than you can imagine. And you don’t need a prescription to do that.  My client told me she had cut her anxiety medication wayyyyy down (after discussing it with her medical professional, of course), on the road to eliminating it entirely.


Enjoy this cute video.

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Goodbye Anxiety with Seattle’s Best Hypnotherapy and NLP

Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP – The Road to Happiness.

I received another wonderful testimonial today.  (They keep a-comin’!)  Steve Rozday of Redmond, Washington wrote:

“Hat’s off to Connie!  When I arrived for help I was suffering from high levels of anxiety.  After working with Connie my anxiety is gone, my sense of perspective is back and I am experiencing enjoyment where there was none before.  Thanks, Connie!”

Now, to be clear:  “anxiety” may be a medical diagnosis, and I’m not medical.  It just turns out that when I help people to “feel better” in a variety of ways using Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy, they respond differently in the world and inside their own bodies, and that so-called problem isn’t there any more.  That means a healthier, longer life and an improved quality of life.

Yay, to Steve, who has let go of anxious and has found joy again.

Warm Regards,