Your Sporting Mind

Your best sports, with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLPHi, Hypnosis Friends!

A new season is upon us, summer begins in a couple weeks. Summer, in my mind, means enjoying activities in the great outdoors. Biking, swimming, sports! Baseball! Golf! Tennis!

The topic today is hypnosis and your sporting mind.  I’m sharing a simple technique to capture your “zone” state for great play.

The article I’ve written and technique are here:

Here’s the outcome: you play harder, smarter, better. Whatever brings you pleasure and the win. As an extremely competitive person myself, I know the joy of winning. You can have it, too, in your life’s passion sport or any just-for-fun sport du jour.

All the Best,

PS: Hint! This same technique can be used for any desired “zone” state of mind even beyond sports. How about that articulate flow for the business presentation? How about that positive confidence for the job interview?

You can also find out more general information of the successes to be had with these mind technologies of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming here:

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