The Freedom to Fly — Hypnosis & NLP Ends Fear of Flying

Seattle hypnosis & NLP client ends fear of flying with Mindworks Hypnosis.

Yes, you did! Good job ending fear of flying.

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

I’m sharing a video I’ve made regarding recent client, Jennifer, of Seattle, and her success with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.  Charming photos of one happy lady in London after kicking fear of flying.

You go, girl.  The world is your oyster.  Where to, next?  🙂

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistLove, Connie

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Short and Sweet Hypnosis Client Testimonial

Seattle's best hypnotherapy & NLP services.

I can help!

Hi, Seattle Hypnosis Friends!

One of THE most common fears that I help people erase using my hypnosis and NLP skills is “fear of public speaking.”  It’s right up there, next to spiders and airplane travel.

Claudia, of the Greater Seattle area, came in to Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP to work on public speaking and confidence.  There was stuttering, fear, self doubt, brain freeze, and etc. going on when she was trying to communicate in business settings.

After only one session, she’s already noticing results and successful changes.  Here’s her short and sweet report:

“Hi Connie, I just have to thank you for your work with my mind.  I feel much better. I’ve been more confident and clearer speaking in public, calmer.”  — Claudia Mihkelson, Bothell, WA.

She also told me that she’s noticed that she is more comfortable talking, expressing herself more clearly, and using a more confident voice.  That’s right.  When you change how you feel, you change how you present and how you communicate.  Feeling better leads to speaking better.  We work both sides of that coin! Claudia knows.  She’s coming in for more sessions to pump up her confidence and joy in self even more.  And I’m happy to help!

I myself have made transformations in this arena called “fear of public speaking.”  I went from shy and withdrawn to teacher and also recently took a course on stand up comedy.  I performed my own material in a comedy club last year.  Talk about enlarging boundaries.  Anyone can.  The power of the mind, unleashed through skilled unconscious communications (hypnosis and NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) is awesome!

Learn more anytime.  I offer private client sessions as well as teaching these materials through Mindworks NLP, a State Licensed Career School.

Connie Brannan, CHt and Licensed Trainer of NLP

Connie Brannan, CHt & Licensed Trainer of NLP

All the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Clinical Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™
Design Human Engineer ™
Persuasion Engineer ™
Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist
Managing Partner, Mindworks Hypnosis

A Little Boy Had Fear – And Now He Doesn’t

Erase fear with NLP.

It’s not been frequent, but I do work with children as well as adults.  Children are VERY responsive to Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis.  I’ve worked with as young as six years old.

What’s needed is an ability to focus/engage/play through the processes with me.  I had a wonderful little 8-year old boy like that the other day.  He came in with a terror of elevators.  Not just a fear.  A wide-eyed terror.  He had learned it.  We proceeded to unlearn it.

I did my thing with him, Neuro Linguistic Programming, primarily.  We created new feelings and new pictures and new sounds in his mind around elevators.  Better ones.  We did some hypnosis as well, with imagery to create security and a sense of well being.


I like to test my work, always.  Immediately in the real world, when possible.  My office building has a small elevator.  (And smaller elevators had been even more terrifying to my client.)  The boy, his mom, and I rode the elevator that day.  Suddenly, an elevator was an amusement ride, something FUN to do.  He wanted to push the buttons.  He rode down, he rode up.  Feeling happy.  Feeling good.  “Mom, let’s do it again!”  We rode down and up again.

As they left my office I heard him saying to his mother, “I want to ride the elevator!!  Can I push the buttons?”  Fear is gone.

A side personal note:  I have relatives that are very very successful in the realm of retail stores.  They sell pretty things to people who have a lot of money.  That’s nice.  By anyone’s standards looking at them, they are success and wealth personified.  One of those relatives made a comment yesterday suggesting that the work I do is insignificant.

I think what I do is infinitely more important and more valuable.  A little boy had fear.  And now he doesn’t.  I believe that transformation is worth more than all the tea in China.

Warm Regards,


The Extinction of Fear


I’m helping a client who has a phobia:  fear of dinosaurs. That’s a new one!  And it’s also proof positive that these fears are irrational and cannot be solved consciously.  How many dinos is she likely to run into on a daily basis that it should be a continuing terror in her life?

They’re extinct!  Let’s make the fear be extinct.  I know how!  Got to get into the unconscious mind to solve these things! 🙂

Fear can be attached to anything, and can be unattached in a heartbeat.  That’s the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  NLP.  I know it’s true!  I’ve lived the difference from fear to calm–I had a phobia that lasted decades.  Spiders.  Panic and hysteria and adrenalin and screaming.  After 15 minutes of NLP performed 5 years ago, “poof!”  No more fear.  I like to give clients proof, known in the trade as “convincers.”  Well, my neurology of fascinated clear-minded CALM while standing next to a spider nowadays, it’s a good convincer for me!

It’s  cool to help people with these things, and I’ve worked with pretty much
everything under the sun.  Or so I  thought.  Dinosaurs is a new one.  Beyond the common fears, fear of public speaking, fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of spiders and snakes, fear of elevators, fear of the dentist, I’ve helped people with fears of overripe bananas, record stores, the wind (seeing movement in trees led to
panic), the color red, bridges, sleep, and more.  But Dinos!  As I said, that’s a new one.
We’ll make short work of that fear!

Fear  can be useful, when it’s appropriate.  Historically,  when the saber toothed tiger showed up at the cave, it was a good response to  run away.  If man had walked the earth at  the same era as dinosaurs, it would have been useful to run away then, too,
only we didn’t.

What  are you afraid of that you don’t need to be afraid of?  I can help.   Call me and I’ll be happy to make your fear extinct!  Connie and Michael @ (425) 564-8608. and

Warm  Regards,

Fear of Driving Left at the Curb

Hi, Guys!

I love happy news.  Not that it’s any surprise to me, but I like to receive confirmation in “the real world” of the success of the work we do.  Joy Epstein of Sun City, Arizona, had a terrible fear of driving–to the point that she had not driven a car in years.  She knew how, and had driven earlier in her life, but had severe panic attacks and could not get behind the wheel and could not drive.  Until she could–with Mindworks Hypnosis.  Which was actually amazingly quick.  (That’s what NLP does for you.)  At the conclusion of the first session with me, when her husband came to pick her up, she got behind the wheel and drove home!  Yay!

People ask me all the time:  do the changes stick?  Of course they do.  When you update a program in your mind, you’ve got a new program running and the old one is transformed.  My spider phobia has never come back, and it’s been 5 years now.  It’s not going to.  I worked with Joy on her driving fear last summer, and here’s the current report:

“I have been able to drive without a panic attack. I drove with my husband on local freeways. I was also able to help him drive from Bellevue to Arizona, which was a dream of mine, and he was so happy and grateful to have a break from driving! You really changed my life, and “thank you” does not seem enough to say.   It was truly wonderful meeting you. I have bragged about you – in the best possible way – to some people here in the neighborhood – so much so, that you may get new clients who fly to Bellevue to meet with you! You are an awesome Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist…thank you for helping me.  — Joy Epstein, Sun City, Arizona”

What are you afraid of?  When you decide it’s time to ditch that fear, toss it to the curb, I can help.  Call me to learn more about my Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy services and arrange for an in-person free consult.  Call Connie at (425) 564-8608.

Warm Regards,


Allergy Relief in Action – “My Nose is Free!!”

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

As well as “doing” this work to help people make healthy and positive changes in their lives in a clinical context, Michael and I also teach.  The school side of what we do is inform and prepare others, including other area hypnotherapists, in the processes and power of NLP and hypnosis.  This video, below, is part of a class demonstration last weekend of what is known as “The NLP Allery Relief Process.”  The video is not complete, but it’s a good chunk of the work.

The idea here is:  Allergies are learned responses which can be unlearned and new responses learned.  Robert Dilts, an NLP “big name” who created this process I am demonstrating, called allergies “phobias of the immune system.”  NLP fixes phobias.  NLP can fix allergies as well.  Quicker than you can imagine.

In this video, we are replacing the neurology of an allergic response Gaia had to drinking coffee (runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing–your typical too much histamine responses) with a neutral experience.  Drinking water.  She can do that.  No problemo!!  We take that as a resource for unconsciously learning a new response to coffee.

What if she could drink coffee (as she used to be able to do) as easily and as comfortably as drinking water?  She can.  She does.  Watch!  As I touch her hand (firing off the resourceful state into her neurology via what is called an “NLP anchor”) she is relearning coffee drinking comfort, as easy as drinking water.

I love me some NLP!  If you’d like to learn more about the magic in action of NLP, check out the school side of what we do:  Mindworks NLP is a fully licensed State private vocational school.

Warm Regards,

Goodbye, Fear of Heights!

Hi, Hypnotic Friends!

I get such warm, wonderful feedback from my clients, and those notes, emails, and communications make me happy.  Yay!  Success.  I fully expect a great result for my clients, as I do everything I can think of to make that happen, however it’s always nice to hear it from the horse’s mouth!  Periodically, I share those testimonials, because I want people to know.  YES, HYPNOSIS WORKS!  Fantastically well.

Here’s another success story that I received today, from a gentleman who is allowing me to use his name.  He’s in an industry and a career that involves continually working at extreme heights–and the fear was an issue.  No more.  We had one session together, and here is his report:

“Hello Connie,

Changes….  The evening of the session I was able to go up our step ladder two steps in the kitchen and stand on one leg. The weekend after the session, I spent some time at 45 feet in a small (hydraulic) lift and was much more comfortable than before…

I was also noticing that when I walk on catwalks or spend time on elevated platforms, I usually concentrate on work.  In the past it was nearly impossible because the fear was overpowering.  I’ve definitely made vast headway.  Thanks, you are the best!  — Blake Townsend.

What are you afraid of?  Michael and I can help shift that fear into something more comfortable.  Fear doesn’t always keep you safe, sometimes it makes you more unsafe, as in the man above.  His work calls for steady and focus, not panic.  If you have an unreasonable fear, hypnosis works!  Let me prove it to you! and

I’ve worked with “phobias” as varied as fear of public speaking, fear of water, fear of “the wind,” fear of spiders, fear of snakes, fear of record stores, fear of driving, fear of flying, fear of fish, fear of overripe fruit, fear of noise, etc.  Fear can become attached to anything, and can also be easily un-attached!

Warm Regards,