(Freshly Minted) Hypnotists Speak! Testimonials for the School Side of What We Do

Albert Einstein hypnotistHi, Hypnosis Friends!

Michael and I just finished teaching our 4 day live hypnosis training event, through the school side of our work, Mindworks NLP.   It was a fabulous experience, with lots of fresh minds opened up to the power of words, unconscious creativity and problem-solving ability.  We’ve unleashed newly minted “Certified Hypnotists” for the betterment of the world, and specifically, the Seattle area.

Two of our recent hypnosis students sent us testimonials to our teaching this week. Thought we’d share!  🙂

“Connie and Michael are the best!! They really teach all the important things about hypnosis in a concise and positive way, and give you the tools you need to succeed. They are a pleasure to learn from, and I feel very confident to start my own practice. I can’t thank them enough! Highly recommended!!” – Dawn F., Seattle, WA

“What a grand journey. A mere 4 days, and how very far I have traveled! Studying with Connie and Michael was such a pleasure. Both are fabulous instructors, making learning fun and exciting. And I became a hypnotist! Wow!

Initially just the concept of learning trance induction was overwhelming but, with their combined years of experience and knowledge, technique and practical tips, the Brannans guided me through it all, filling me with confidence along the way. In fact, just one single technique alone made it worth the price of admission for me.

If you have any interest in learning hypnosis, trance induction and accessing the untapped resources of the human mind, Mindworks NLP is definitely the place to be.  Once again, many thanks!” – Jon Komatsu, Seattle, WA

Yay, for new hypnotherapists.  I say, the more the merrier, and yay for more success, joy, and helping in the world.  You might notice a common theme in the comments:  confidence.  We use hypnosis to teach hypnosis, and installing confidence in our students is always on our agenda.  Obviously, we were successful.

If you’re ever of a mind to learn these amazing methodologies of change, hypnosis & NLP, we offer that in addition to one-on-one private sessions of clinical Neuro-Lingustic Hypnotherapy.  Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP is located in Bellevue, WA.  Call us!

Spring is time for hypnosisAll the Best,

Creative Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking!

Quit Smoking Seattle HypnosisHi, Hypnosis Friends!

Here’s a story to share with you, all about the hypnotic power of a half-eaten rotten banana.

I was working with a Seattle man the other day on quitting smoking. One of the elements of this work is our search for a useful feeling called “hell, no!” This gentleman, his “Hell, no!” was the thought of eating a rotten banana–he declared it the worst disgust feeling he could conjure. Coincidence, and propinquity! I had a half eaten well-past-its-prime squishy black banana in my trash can at the office at that very moment. I fished it out and we gave him several good whiffs, while I used my hypnotic tool kit to set that disgust equal to smoking. He’s done with cigarettes. Cravings are dead.

Long live the rotten banana!  And long live the happy and healthy nonsmoker.

At the same time, and on the flip side of the coin, we also customized some powerful, good Designer Feelings™ in place of smoking, and attached those to undo the habit.  Wonderful feelings that encourage healthy:  calm, contentment, in control, and so on.  Just as what generates disgust is unique person to person, so, too are the good feelings which can kick smoking desire to the curb.  We explore and generate both in our Greater Seattle hypnotherapy center.

There’s a science and methodology to Neuro Linguistic hypnotherapy blended with fun and creativity, and, guess what?  It works!  For quitting smoking, as well as a variety of other positive changes.  Are you ready to quit smoking?  Let’s do it!  Call me and let’s get started.

All the Best,


It’s Time for Change!

Hi, Guys!

I found this pic today, and it’s so perfect. As a metaphor, and an idea. Yes, it’s now. And it’s now again. Wait. Wait for it…tick, tick, tick, tick…now it’s now again. Grab ahold of NOW. It’s time for change.

Smokey Robinson is one of my favorite singers and songwriters. He wrote a song I really like called “More Love.” (Good title, good idea.) Some of the lyric goes: “Let it be soon. Don’t hesitate. Make it now. Don’t wait. Open your heart and let my love come in, I want the moment to start when I can fill your heart with more love, and more joy than age or time could ever destroy….” Smokey knows what’s important.

This could be a hypnosis song. Let the joy come in is right. Joy attached to positive and long-lasting change. Hypnosis opens a life to joy and a myriad of other good feelings. Good stuff. Do it now.

Wishing you a joy-filled now.
Warm Regards,

Connie & Michael

Connie & Michael


Hi, Hypnosis Friends & Enthusiasts & Interested Parties!

I began my latest go-round of the self hypnosis course at Bellevue College last night.  GOOD turnout!  There were a few people who had experienced hypnosis before and a majority who had not.

It’s fun.  It’s my pleasure to introduce people to what I love.  What I appreciate.  What I know to be massive power for positive changes:  Hypnosis.

I brought the group into a nice trance and set an “anchor” for rehypnosis–that they control.  In their own time and their own space and for their own well-formed goals.  I asked the group what their first experience of hypnosis was like.

There was a young girl in my class.  Her answer:  “Elation!”  Yes, that’s precisely what hypnosis feels like.  Another girl said it feels similar to the state she goes into while praying, it feels like “prayer.”  Yes, that’s what hypnosis feels like.   One girl said her body felt “heavy.”  Yes, that’s what hypnosis feels like.  A man (who seemed disappointed–who doesn’t YET understand the power of the state) said it simply feels like “Relaxing.”  Yes, that’s what hypnosis feels like.  My personal sense of hypnosis is a heightened focus accompanied with a profound sense of control and well-being.  That’s what hypnosis feels like.

It’s a very individual experience.  Bottom line:  it feels GOOD!  But more than that, it does good.  For your life.  This isn’t zen, like meditation, where attaining the state is the goal.  No.  It’s USING the state to stimulate your mind to create change that’s desired and useful.  That’s hypnotherapy.  And that’s self hypnosis as well.

The class is going well.  There’s a second evening of fun and adventure and experience and learning ahead for this group.  Makes me happy!  🙂

Warm Regards,

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Get Tranced!


It’s Self-Reinforcing

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about hypnosis out there, there being the minds of people.  It’s my job as a professional to set straight what I can.  The truth about hypnosis.  Yesterday I realized a new originating source of those misunderstandings – another local hypnosis provider.  They’re giving out misinformation to their clients.

They’re selling the idea that hypnosis is WORK, something the client has to do involving their thinking/conscious mind.  And do again, and do again.  They’re telling them they have to consciously remember, and plan and make time to DO something on a continuing basis for the hypnosis to be effective.  No!  Absolutely no.  A good hypnotist makes the change-work self-reinforcing.  I sure do.

I had a spider phobia for 30 years.  A phobia IS a type of hypnosis.  In a single experience, I hypnotized myself into believing that that tiny little insect was immediately life-threatening.  And my body would react.  I didn’t have to DO anything to keep that pattern running inside me for 30 years.  I didn’t have to remember to listen to a recorded tape every evening reminding me to remember to be afraid.   How unnecessary would that be?  VERY.

Patterns run in us until they are replaced by a new pattern.  Hypnosis/NLP installs a new pattern.  The new pattern runs.  And runs.  And runs.

Hypnosis changes the way you ARE in the world.  The way you live and breathe.  These changes are positive, healthy, and seamless.  They are inside of a person.  When done well, the change work feels natural and it fits with a person’s entire life.  The less your conscious, thinking mind gets involved in this process, the better.  You just find yourself thinking differently, feeling different, and doing different behaviors–all these congruent with your goals.

I’m not going to give you conscious-mind busy work to do and pretend that that makes the hypnosis “stick” better.  That idea does hypnosis a terrible disservice.

Warm Regards,