Power Unleashed. Another 5-Star Review of Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP on Google.

Stop smoking now.

Hypnosis & NLP to quit smoking.

Hi, Hypnosis Friends.

Hypnosis works!  It really does.  I’ve been working repeatedly at explaining this power we have to control our life and outcomes, and I love it when other voices join in to corroborate.

I received another 5-star review of my hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) services on my Google business listing.  This gentleman was a smoker for the bulk of his life, 50+ years as he described it, and he’s now a nonsmoker.  I say:  better late than never!

He found his power through our work:

“After trying every other known method to quit smoking, went to Connie six weeks ago and have been smoke free since. Highly recommend her.  I came out of her office a non-smoker.  I tried all the conventional methods to quit and nothing worked.  After 50 years of smoking, it’s almost unbelievable that I do not have any desire for a cigarette and know that I will never smoke again.  Thank you Connie, you’re a life saver.”  Robert B., Camano Island, WA

A life was saved, yes!  And he did it.  I show the way, and help facilitate change with my tools, and the person him or herself holds the power to make it happen.  We unleash YOUR power.  Collaboration.  That’s NLP.

Yay for Robert and a greater enjoyment of life and improved health for the rest of his life.

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm) Mindworks Hypnosis

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP ™

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What a Bendy Straw Knows and You Can Learn

Flexibility for the Win!

Everyone’s talking about “New  Year’s Resolutions.” But how do we actually create newness and change?

With  hypnosis and NLP, you can change how you think, and how you feel about things.  You can change how you see things, and even what you believe to be true.

And, all this leads to what’s really important: you can change your behaviors, change what you do in the  world. And what you don’t do.

I have a favorite quote from comedian, George Carlin. He’s talking about words and the perplexity of words.  We have words to describe burnability: something is flammable, something is nonflammable, or something is inflammable. Carlin says, why three choices?  “Either the thing flams or it doesn’t!”

That’s funny. That’s also called digital thinking. Yes, no, on off. When you change to thinking along a continuum, you open up an infinity of new choices. More choices, equals more flexibility, equals more success. In short, hypnosis finds and gives you more choice.

There’s an expression in NLP: “the one with the most flexibility wins.” Behavioral flexibility is the holy grail. It’s what we want and seek for our clients and ourselves. If you’re not flexible, you’re rigid, stiff, always doing what you’ve always done. You’re stuck! Lao Tzu (ancient philosopher) said: “Bend like a reed in the wind – that is the real strength.  The old hard tree breaks and falls when the wind blows.  The young tree bends and does not break.”  Hypnosis opens up unstuck, also called choice, also called flexibility.

Here’s a real world example. I had a client yesterday who gravely informed me that he’s an “addict” to cigarettes. Now, that’s a STUCK statement. He’s trapped! He’s done. Put him in his coffin. An addict can’t quit smoking, by definition. We used hypnosis & NLP to change how he sees himself, and when the label “addict” left, so did a restriction on his choices.

In one piece of our work, we asked the creative unconscious mind to come up with completely healthy alternative behaviors to replace smoking. The unconscious can do that in a heartbeat, and did. Now, there are many new options available to him,  behaviorally. And we enticed his mind to put those new choices into action. This pulled the rug out from under being “addicted” to smoking. Now he has the freedom to say “no way in hell” to cigarettes. And he did. We created a new nonsmoker yesterday.

If you’re stuck in a behavior, in a habit, a pattern, a way of thinking, feeling, or being that does not serve you…there are more choices than you can currently see. Hypnosis can open up that trap, let you out of the cage and into the sunlight of infinite  resourcefulness.

Warm Regards,

“Pop”ping a bad habit: Goodbye Soft Drink Addiction

Pop your bad habits, with hypnosis.

Another success story.  K.O. of Renton wanted some help with weight management.  One of her habits was sugar consumption, in the form of soda.  Lots of it.  She was ready for healthy changes.

We did some work.  Yesterday she reported to me:  two weeks and she hasn’t touched it.  No pop!  None.  No desires for it, either.  She’s choosing water instead.

Healthy choice!  Yay, K.O.  (Knockout!!)  Knocking out the undesired habits.

“I’m thrilled!”  she said, yesterday.  Me, too, K.O, I’m happy for your success.

Are there any habits you’d like to pop?  It’s very very doable.  🙂

Warm Regards,