Feel Great and Lose Weight — In that Order!

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

I came across this interesting photo and article on the internet, about so called “Body Positivity.” Embracing obesity as attractive.

While I applaud people for finding a place in themselves where they feel good, I know there’s a way to feel good about yourself AND achieve a healthier weight.  It’s called hypnosis.

Overweight almost my entire life, “body positivity” did not exist during my formative years. Actually, people that liked fat, that was considered some kind of weird fetish. So, I don’t go there. I can’t. Overweight is not attractive to me.  And even if you successfully convince yourself that overweight is attractive, there’s no denying the health risks. Overweight will shorten your life!

I didn’t like how I looked, and I KNEW it wasn’t healthy. I’m glad I never fell into a “body positivity” mindset.  Oherwise, I wouldn’t be enjoying the health and energy I’ve been enjoying for the past 10 years at a lighter weight.  A better quality of life.  Knowing I’m going to have MORE life.  What happened to me 10 years ago that changed my life and changed my body? I discovered hypnosis.

Hypnosis & NLP for effective long term weight loss.And I lost weight.  Skilled Hypnotherapy and NLP make weight loss easier than you think. It’s based on HOW you think. I’m now lighter (a LOT) and have kept it off for about 10 years. Here’s my before/after pics and an article, Feel Great & Lose Weight, that I’ve written about the transformation:

Feel Great & Lose Weight

“Fat acceptance.”  Acceptance usually means, it’s something I can’t change.  In terms of your weight and eating and health habits, that’s false.  You can change.  I can help you do it.

Learn more if you’d like one on one private sessions of Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy® to help you find your healthy.

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

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Curvy Barbies and the Insidious Damage of “Fat Acceptance”

Barbie Dolls

New shape and size “Barbies.”

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

The internet is full of interesting things.  Here’s an item that caught my attention.  Mattel toys has created a new line of Barbies for the first time showing different body types, including “curvy.”

On the surface this seems like a nice thing, showing young girls that there is more than one ideal of beauty.  I grew up with this one:

Classic Barbie Doll

Classic Barbie Doll

Barbie was blonde, perfect blue eyes, beautiful face, long eyelashes, pencil thin disproportionately long legs, with a big chest and tiny waist.  This was nothing like my own image in the mirror.  My husband calls her “anorexic Barbie” and noted what a terrible thing if little girls take that look as an ideal of beauty.  Some do.

So, why am I against the idea of curvy Barbies?

I think curvy Barbie is another piece of something I dislike called “fat acceptance.”  My expertise is understanding how the unconscious mind perceives and creates reality, and “fat acceptance” is inherently an unhealthy message.

Carrying excess weight on the body is a definite health risk, to every organ and system of the body.  Ask your physician!  It leads to a host of illnesses and an early death.  And it’s absolutely not a cause for a fatalistic view:  that’s who I am and I’m going to accept it.  NO! I believe fat acceptance comes from a place of hopelessness.  The truth is, losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is in our control, and actually easy, with the right tools (skilled hypnotherapy and NLP).

Fat is not genetic, it’s a choice.  People that truly love and accept themselves take action to safeguard their health–because they’re worth it!

There are plus size women flaunting their rolls of fat in bikinis and revealing gowns and such. They’re not doing it from a place of healthy self love, they’re doing it from a place of anger and antagonism and “in your face!” That’s my take on it.  They call it “Fat Liberation” (don’t liberate it in front of me).  “Fat Liberation” is hazardous to health.

I personally will always find fat unattractive.  It’s not beautiful.  It never was, and it never will be. Furthermore, It’s more unhealthy than it is unattractive.  Obesity is an epidemic in this country, a massive one.  And it’s not good.  And telling little girls it’s OK to be fat, that is not good, either.  My two cents.

Here’s the bottom line. I think people are powerful. More than they know. I think people have more control than they know. I think people can create any kind of life or body they want for themselves. I think people can learn to feel amazingly good and make good decisions for themselves. And accepting unhealthy ways and habits is never good.

I dislike “smoking acceptance,” also. Clients come in and say: “I’m a smoker.” No, you’re not. It’s something you’re choosing to do, it’s not who you ARE. Fat is not who you are, either. It might be your current state of mind, but that can change in a heartbeat. Learn more here: http://www.mindworkshypnosis.net/hypnosis-results-testimonials-index/weight-loss-hypnosis-seattle/

I believe self love leads to self care.  When you’re ready to experience real self-love, in a body size by design, we can help you do that in a healthy, natural way at Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Don’t Accept Overweight, Take Control!

All the Best,

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