Confidence!! With Hypnosis

Get happy and successful with NLP and hypnosis!Hi, Seattle area Hypnosis Friends (and beyond):

Another happy hypnosis client report appeared in my email today. Yay!  We LIKE success.  🙂

Kal came in several months ago to our hypnotherapy & NLP clinic in Bellevue.  He wanted to work on confidence. And so we did!

We both automated confidence in times and situations where it would be useful to him, like in business, and like in personal relationships and dating situations.   And, we also gave Kal control of the feeling. To bring it whenever he wanted. Here’s his report:

“Hi Connie; How are you doing? Hope all is well at your end. I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that the NLP session with you has worked out really well for me. My confidence levels have really shot through the roof and I am in a much better state in attracting relationships. Thanks.” Kal, Seattle, WA.

Good job, Kal.  We asked your unconscious mind to keep working it even beyond our sessions, so you can expect more and more confidence in the days and weeks to come.

Happy clients is where it’s at!  Yay for success.  I hope I get an invitation to Kal’s wedding down the road.

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm) Mindworks Hypnosis

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP ™

All the Best,

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After the Divorce – Finding Confidence with Women Again – with Mindworks Hypnosis

Goodbye social anxiety – hypnosis works.

Hello, Hypno-Friends!

Another wonderful outcome for another wonderful client.  Fred, of Seattle, was suffering from extreme social anxiety, fear and discomfort around women and the prospect of dating after his marriage ended.  Hypnotherapy connected him to his social confidence again.  Way to go, Fred!

Fred has agreed for me to share his success:

“Hi, Connie!  I cannot believe how good I feel. Last February and early March
there was so much tension and fear in my body around this area of my life.  Now, I feel calm, confident and secure. Even my friends are amazed. I am amazed. I mean it, it really works!!!! …I am dating and have even kissed a gal… Wow, I just cannot thank you enough. Also, I have referred you to others. — Fred”

Warm Regards,
Connie, The good-feeling merchant



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