A Time for Stress Release

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

The right frame of mind is essential to success in any human endeavor. Stress, anxiety and fear are debilitating. Anger and disappointment slow us down. A mindset of calm determination, confidence and optimism lead to opportunity and success-seeking.

Hypnosis and NLP for Stress ReleaseThe world is in transition. Current events in the political arena are creating negative emotion and negative energy–widespread. Particularly in my state, the beautiful, Evergreen, Washington State.

Secret #1: As the events of our life and times unfold, we get to choose how we feel. When we change how we feel, we change how we think and what we do. New empowered emotions lead to new behavioral choices.

Secret #2: Skilled hypnosis and NLP help us activate those choices.

If this current climate disturbs you, let me help. I work one-on-one with clients to create new Designer Feelings®.  If you are in need of some stress and negative emotion release right now, call me and I can help. Pronto!

We create new feelings, together. Collaboration! We attach those new feelings where they are useful in your life. We transform a problematic state of mind and body, such as fear, sadness, hopeless, etc. into power and joy and success generators.

Offer for my blog readers: for the balance of November I’m offering a massive discount on my hypnosis-in-a-box, “Stress Management Program.”  This audio CD normally sells for $37, for this month only, $10.

The world is in transition. Choose the direction of your own mind and body and choices. Because you can.

Connie Brannan, CHt. Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP, Licensed Trainer of NLPAll the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Clinical Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
Originator of Designer Feelings®
Originator of Designer Beliefs®
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Happy Spring! From Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP

Spring is time for hypnosis

Happy Spring!

It’s official!  Spring at last!  (Thank you, Mr. Groundhog for bringing us an early spring!)

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

I hope your spring is off to a rousing start. This is an amazing time of year, full of fresh, healthy, new life, new energy, new vibrancy, new opportunities to bloom.

Any time of year is perfect for hypnosis, however springtime seems most apt!

It’s all about newness, and freshness.  Change is all around.  Why not jump on board the “time for change” bandwagon and create something better for yourself?

Hypnosis is to change like “miracle-grow” is to your garden.  We speed up success.

If you’d like to accelerate change, call us at Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.  Our specialty is YOU and finding what you need within your unconscious mind to make life better in the ways you want life to be better.  And facilitating it!  Learn more anytime, Michael and I love to help.  (425) 564-8608.

All the Best,

Happy Holidays from Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP

Hello, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Enthusiasts!

The holidays are upon us!  Happy Holidays to you!

Michael and I wish you all a 2016 filled with health, joy, and success. If those things do not spontaneously generate, create them!  NLP and hypnosis are amazing tools to make that happen.

All the Best,
Connie & Michael



Stressed? Anxious? What if emotions could turn on a dime?

Seattle hypnotherapy clinic Mindworks Hypnosis

Change your thinking, change your mood.

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

With hypnosis and NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, we can program in new responses in any given situation.   The boss is yelling, traffic is congested, your significant other is in a bad mood, the restaurant is out of just the thing you wanted. They call it “situational stress.”  What if, after hypnotherapy…that same situation became situational calm, or situaltional happy, or situational “I can handle it!”  We can do that!

I think this video is cute.  And it demonstrates an important fact.  We can change our emotions on a dime.  FAST!

Cute baby!  She’s crying, looking like a full-blown tantrum is going to ensue.  Then, suddenly, she hears her happy music.  And the dancing begins!  Instant change.  For those of you who think “change is slow and difficult,” watch her face.  We’re talking instant change!

With NLP, and Neuro Linguistic hypnosis therapy, we give  you control, to turn a negative emotion and response into a positive one.  When you choose to do it.  We can also program your mind and life for those responses to become automated in a particular context.  This little girl has been programmed in a natural manner, in a great way.  Music = dancing and happy.  It doesn’t matter what was going on before.

We can take control of these automatic responses.  Goodbye, fear, anxiety, phobic responses, distraction, procrastination, and so on.

Find out more anytime in an in person explanatory meeting.  Call us for a free consultation. No charge, no obligation.  Just an opportunity to learn more, and hear what a professional change worker says about your mind and your untapped abilities to feel more resourceful now.

All the Best,


Seattle Gray to Sun: Change is Easy

Hi, Seattle lovers everywhere!

Mindworks Hypnosis - Best Greater Seattle Hypnotherapy

Mindworks Hypnosis – Best Greater Seattle Hypnotherapy

Check out this hypnotic time-lapse video I’ve created. It’s a typical Seattle May day…murky, gray, overcast, dark. At first. Then, miraculously, things shift. The clouds blow away, and are replaced with dazzling blue skies and brilliant sunshine. What a beautiful Seattle day. Hypnotic!

And what a great metaphor.  This is the essence of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and NLP. Change. And, as this video shows, change is easy!  Troubles and problems and old habits can “blow away” as though they never even existed.  We don’t need ’em, we can get rid of them.  Easily! That’s the secret and unknown part.  Hypnosis is the tool to make it happen.

Hypnosis and NLP are really user guides for the mind.

I hope you enjoy this amazing video.  I love it, if I do say so myself.  These scenes are three different views of the same day, from atop our own Space Needle – the heart of Seattle. My favorite part is when the shadow of the Space Needle moves and elongates across the city.  We are so privileged to live in the Greater Seattle area, there’s nowhere as beautiful on earth.

All the Best,


Change is Easy!

Change your direction any time, with Mindworks Hypnosis.

Change your direction any time, with Mindworks Hypnosis.

Hi, Seattle Hypnosis Friends!

The power of your mind is so incredible!  Here’s a quick and easy demo proving change is easy.

I invite you to check out this brief video. Is the train moving to the left into the tunnel, or to the right, emerging from if? What do you see? Cool!  Now, simply imagine that it’s moving in the opposite direction. And it does!!

Some people call this “freaky.” I call it: “control.”  We control our perceptions of the world with our mind.  And yes, it really is that easy to alter direction.  When your mind makes the leap, you see things in a new way.  And new seeing leads to new thoughts, and new beliefs, and new behaviors.  That’s the purpose of skilled hypnotherapy–assisting you in the new seeing.

I love these type of visual demos.  People start to “get it.”  That what happens between their ears is the real deal, and the real power.  If you’d like to see yourself or life in a new way, and live those changes, we can do that.  My hypnosis clinic services all the Greater Seattle area.  Call me anytime at (425) 564-8608 and we’ll get started!

All the Best,


It’s Not What You’re Capable Of, It’s What You’re Doing.

I woke up this morning with a hypnosis thought running through my mind.  I thought I’d share it!  🙂

It’s not what you’re capable of, it’s what you’re doing.

Acorn Mode

Acorn Mode

There’s a world of difference between I want or even I can vs. I am doing it.  We help you make the leap from intention to action.  That’s the power of skilled hypnosis.

Tree in Bloom.

Tree in Bloom.

You know there’s a difference between who you are right now in the expressions of your life and who you desire to be.  There’s some magic in that acorn, a tiny thing dreaming of greatness, and making it happen.  Action, activation, that’s the difference.

There’s that same magic in you.  That difference for our success is really just a quality of mind.  Change yours any time, adopt a mindset customized for your success, and do the things you want to do for your life. We’ve all only got so many ticks of the clock in this world–make your life beautiful, successful, healthy, happy, and magical, starting now.

Call us and make it happen.  Connie (425) 564-8608

All the Best,
Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP ®
Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP

Change is Easy

Time to change.

It's time to change, and change is easy.

I like this picture! It’s the current view out my office window. Green life! The trees are changing.  Look how easily they make radical changes.  Those old leaves used to be attached.  Now the trees have said:  “I’m done with that!”  And whooooosh, they’re gone.

That’s how hypnosis works, too.  A decision is made.  Change happens.  And life gets better.  And when it’s time to do it, you know.  What you might not know is that change is as easy as what you see in this picture.

Trees are my metaphor for life.  I love trees.  It helps that I was born and raised in the Seattle area.  We got trees!!  I lived in Arizona for about a decade, and let me tell you, those cactus and palms were pretty, but can’t compete with our Pacific Northwest TREES.  I’m loving the green.  And the ideas they spark about how change can be fast, easy, and natural.

When you open your mind to new resourcefulness and new choices (that’s what hypnosis does), you’ll see that for yourself.  Call me if you’d like to set up a free in-person consult to learn more about what your life can be, successful, happy, and powerful.  (425) 564-8608.

Warm Regards,

The Art of Strategic Change

Hi, Guys!  I have a riddle for you!  🙂

What does a military strategist and a skilled NLP change worker have in common?  Answer:  A LOT!!

Here’s my goal in the work I do with clients:  strategic change, elegant change, fast change, helping clients get the most bang for the buck, finding the key strongholds of the problem, and taking them out in strategic, rapid fire sequence.  Using imagination, strategy, and fire power to win “the war” against the issue at hand.

My “strategic change” blitzkrieg is a different approach than  traditional “talk therapy” counselors.  They’re all about discussion, about rolling around in the muck, accentuating and revivifying negative thoughts and emotions over and over  and feeling bad.  Metaphor:  A counselor would want to figure out WHY an unwashed person smells so bad, uncover the origins and chemistry of body odor and what the person did to create it, whereas I would say:  You smell bad.  Take a shower.  And I’d show them the shower, and even turn it on for them.

Pig rolling in mud.

Let's TALK about it: Pig rolling in the mud.

Talk therapies:  It’s not about movement, and it’s not about change.  It would not be unusual for a person to see a counselor for YEARS on a particular issue.  To me, that’s absolutely ridiculous.  RIDICULOUS!   Unconscionable, really.  Is it about the money, about milking people for money?  There’s no way in hell change takes years.  It takes minutes.  That’s the firepower of NLP and hypnosis.

And I’m always working to increase my personal firepower!  To increase my arsenal of weaponry.  How?  I am continuously learning more, and becoming more and more skilled, mastering the work of hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, conversational hypnosis, energy work, and more.   It’s a different focus than some hypnotists.

Some of my colleagues spend their money on marketing guys to help artificially pump up their web presence and SEO (Search engine optimization)–one guy pays someone else who is not even a hypnotist to write his blog and the posts are insipid!–you know where I spend my money?  On learning, on live trainings with the best of the best!  To become better at the work I do.  To me that’s massively more important and I believe leads to true and legitimate success.  My arsenal is knowledge and skill, not fluff and puff.

Another hypnotist friend of mine (and he’s wonderful and I love him) tells clients:  “it will require at least three sessions and possibly six before results start to show.”

Frankly, that’s not good enough for me.  No way.  I expect some level of positive results to show after a single session with me, and complete success on any specific issue in at MOST four sessions.  What happens though, is that an array of issues are interlinked (for example confidence and self esteem and weight loss), and all of that is sorted through in around four sessions.

One of my clients yesterday used this phrase describing his desire to quit smoking NOW:  He wanted  “One and Done!”  It’s not always possible to complete the work in a single session depending on the person and his situation, but in his case, we did that for him.  “One and Done!”  Many of my clients experience this!

Am I better than my friend who takes up to six sessions for a change to appear?  Apparently I’m more skilled.  And I know what makes the difference.  It’s the NLP.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (my specialty) is what makes the difference.  It has been called “hypnosis on steroids.”  It’s faster than traditional hypnosis.  More powerful.  It’s the BIG GUNS in my arsenal for your strategic change.

I enjoy being a military strategist.  Every day is different, and every person is different, and I get to use my creativity and fire off the big guns.  Yay!  Take that smoking!  Blam!  Take that, overweight!  Blam!  Take that, fear!  Blam!  A talk therapist will not take the stronghold.  A hypnotist reading a script at you will not take the stronghold.  I can.  Let’s do it.

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, Master Hypnosis & Licensed Trainer of NLP

Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotist & Licensed Trainer of NLP