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Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

The unconscious mind loves stories, and metaphors.  Symbolic meaning.  So, when I heard this lawn mower going off, at first I was annoyed by the sound.  Then, I thought.  Wait!  This is a story!  It’s about rapid, powerful change.

And in the world of amazing iphones, I captured the moment.

When I was a kid, lawn mowers were these muscle-intensive things you pushed, and the motion rolled the blades.  Vintage, antiquated, and slow.  Mowing the lawn was a big project.  Look at this bad boy moving!  As I said, fast and powerful, and virtually effortless on the part of the operator.

That’s skilled hypnotherapy & NLP as well.  Fast and powerful, and from the user point of view, oh so easy.

If your life has some weeds (limiting beliefs) and unruly tufts of grass growing where you don’t want it (bad habits), we can mow them down.  Let us help!  Here are some examples of tangible results from our Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy ® work:


Learn more anytime.  We offer a free in-office consultation.  If you’re tired of monkeying around with ridiculous long-term “therapies” that do little to nothing for you, come to the powerhouse.  That’s Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.   Our expertise is unparalleled in the Pacific Northwest. Intelligence and creativity really does make a difference for fast, powerful, lasting change.

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm)All the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
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Another 5-Star Review on YELP

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Hi, Greater Seattle Hypnosis Friends!

How do we judge success in the work I do, hypnosis and NLP?  We could measure only behavioral change specifically requested, such as:  I stopped smoking, I say no thank you no to cookies and candy, I’m sleeping better, etc.

Or we could measure success by the intangibles, by the positive change in emotions. A client might notice more confidence, more happiness, more control, more energy, more optimism, more motivation, or all of the above.  In Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy ®, better feelings and different behaviors go together.

In my opinion, the biggest impact on life success is feeling differently in our own skin in our own lives. Feeling BETTER.  And those better feelings lead to better decisions in life and then the behavioral changes and improvements of all varieties.  I love it when my clients notice those bigger changes.  Here’s one!  Andrea W. of Bellevue, WA posted a 5-star review of Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP online on YELP:

“I went to Connie to get help with my entire outlook on life and myself. I visited her for 5 sessions including the consultation. She really was pretty fantastic! From the moment I met her she was very kind, non-judgmental, and super focused on my needs. She has been through a ridiculous amount of schooling for NLP and really knows how to speak to your unconscious. We worked on different aspects of my life for each session, and she even taught me how to do self-hypnosis to better myself continuously.

Some of the “games” she does with you and the process she takes you through may seem odd and feel weird at times! But honestly, just keep an open mind and follow her directions throughout her sessions! I have felt SO MUCH better since my sessions with Connie and I would recommend her to ANYONE who is experiencing ANY issue really. She customizes each session to what your desires are, whether it’s weight loss, cigarettes, alcohol, depression, phobias……you name it! She is worth the $$ 🙂 ”  — Andrea W. Bellevue, WA

Yay, for success!  Good job, Andrea!  And she’s exactly right.  Those who “go for it” with me, do find life getting better.  With the open-eyed, interactive hypnosis known as NLP, you have to follow my instructions to the letter.  I explain everything thoroughly and make it easy to understand.  In that way, we get the right messages into the unconscious. Unconscious minds are pure positive energy and will do what we ask–we just have to ask in the right way.  That’s the difference with skilled hypnotherapy and NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming — effective unconscious communications.  🙂

I love happy clients with successful outcomes like Andrea.  I want more of them.

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm) Mindworks Hypnosis

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP ™

All the Best,