A New Course at Bellevue College – NLP for Dating and Relating

NLP for Dating and Relating

NLP for Dating and Relating

Hi, Hypnosis Friends & Enthusiasts!

The work I do and teach in the Seattle area is hypnosis and NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming — amazing methodologies for personal development and goal getting, goal achievement. Hypnosis and NLP are applicable and wonderful for so many varieties of change — from weight management to phobia fixes, to behavioral changes such as quit smoking and stop fingernail biting, to sports enhancement to improving relationships and communications, and pretty much any activity where your brain is involved.  (ALL!)

In the realm of that last category, relationships and communications, I am offering a new course at Bellevue College this winter quarter.  It’s called:  NLP for Dating and Relating. NLP has been called “hypnosis on steroids.”


Here’s the course description for NLP for Dating and Relating:

Are you interested in dating or improving relationships with those around you? Effective communication can improve any relationship! You will learn how to build rapport and connect with people in the best way possible, both socially and in business contexts. Create states of mind and body in yourself (such as confidence and joy) that lead to effective communications. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a methodology of effective communications, both on the conscious and unconscious level. Connie Brannan is a Licensed Trainer of NLP ®.

NLP for Dating and Relating
Item: W9509 Connie Brannan
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM North Campus Room: V1021
Sessions: 1 W Address: 14673 NE 29th Place Bellevue, WA 98007
3/18/2015 – 3/18/2015 Fee: $49.00

What is NLP?  I talk about that here:

The course, a one night, 2-hour adventure, is all about building new states in ourselves that enhance communications, confidence, ease, flow of words, sharp-minded, humor, and so on.  It’s also about understanding rapport (positive connections between people) and how to facilitate rapport.–PHYSICALLY.  And verbally.  It’s fun, cool, stuff. And super powerful.

My goal for the course is that people should walk out the door after the class feeling more empowered and positive, with tools to use for improved communications.  I’d love for you to join me!

The Bellevue College info and sign up link is here.   http://www.campusce.net/BC/course/course.aspx?C=13808&pc=1817&mc=1893&sc=

All the Best,

Lose Weight Thru Self-Hypnosis – Bellevue College Jan 29 & Feb 5

Bellevue College

Learn Self Hypnosis with Connie at Bellevue College.

How would you like to learn and experience self-hypnosis for weight loss from a Master Hypnotist & Licensed Trainer of NLP?   You can!  You’re in luck. I’m teaching a class for Bellevue College Continuing Education in Jan/Feb 2014.

The course featured here focuses hypnotic tools to enhance healthy body and healthy eating, but really, these tools can be applied to so many things in your life: motivation, stopping bad habits, quitting smoking, releasing fears, and more!

Self Hypnosis for Healthy Eating and Weight Loss
January 29 & February 5, 2014, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm both nights.
Bellevue College North Campus Cost: $99.00

Sign up link is here:

Imagine yourself in your “skinny jeans.” Hear the compliments of your family and friends. Like what you see when you look in the mirror! Feel the energy! The hypnosis skills taught in this workshop can help you unleash the infinite power within you to achieve all this! You’ll learn to reprogram your own mind to act in ways you desire: healthy choices, healthy eating, motivation to exercise. It won’t be a struggle, and it’s not a “diet,” it’s simply doing what you want to do. Your mind and your body will be working together–for your health!

If your New Year’s resolutions are weakening, this course is your pump up of power! I do hope you’ll join me. This course is lively and fun and participatory. That means, you get to experience hypnosis as well as learn more about the power of your mind.

Warm Regards,


Self Hypnosis for Ongoing Success — Client Testimonial for Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP

Perfect Sleeping with Hypnosis

Perfect Sleeping is just a trance away!

Hello, Hypno-Friends!

I received another nice testimonial this week.  I taught a lady with insomnia issues how to work with self hypnosis.  She wrote:

“Connie,  I’ve noticed some significant changes. I frequently use the self-hypnosis techniques to fall asleep, and I have been having very restful sleep. I’ve recommended you to my friend.   Best, Deborah C.” —  Greater Seattle area.

That’s right.  Hypnosis works for sleep improvement.  And more!

Have you ever heard this expression:  “Give a man a fish, he has dinner for one night.  Teach a man to fish, and he has the ability to feed himself forever.”  The idea here is the same.  I do lead people through guided hypnotherapy to positive changes one on one in my office in Bellevue.  I ALSO frequently teach clients self hypnosis as a tool for ongoing success and goal achievement.  I love to do this!

Self hypnosis is an amazing tool.  I also teach this methodology at Bellevue College Continuing Education.  We set an instant trigger for trance states and include lessons in goal setting and mind-focusing language.  Next self hypnosis course offering in Bellevue is Fall Quarter, on November 13 & 20.  Bellevue College is updating their website, however the enrollment link for my course should be up soon at:


If you don’t find the details of this online, please give Bellevue College a call directly and they will help get you enrolled.  I do hope you’ll join me.

Warm Regards,


Learn Self Hypnosis at Bellevue College June 5 & 12

Bellevue College Personal Enrichment
Bellevue College Personal Enrichment

It’s that time again.  Swimsuit season, vacations, holidays.  Time to get in shape.  Here’s help, via my offering at Bellevue College next month.  It’s always time for healthy hypnosis.

Healthy Hypnosis: Let Go of Weight   — Join a master hypnotist & hypnotherapist for an experiential, hands on learning experience.  2 Evenings:  June 5th & June 12th.

Imagine yourself in your “skinny jeans.” Hear the compliments of your family and friends. Like what you see when you look in the mirror! Feel the energy! The hypnosis skills taught in this workshop can help you unleash the infinite power within you to achieve all this!

You’ll learn to reprogram your own mind to act in ways you desire: healthy choices, healthy eating, motivation to exercise. It won’t be a struggle, and it’s not a “diet,” it’s simply doing what you want to do. Your mind and your body will be working together–for your health!!

More about your instructor:

Connie Brannan, a Seattle native, is a CHt., Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, who blends hypnosis, NLP, timeline work, parts therapy, reiki & other healing tools to help clients achieve life changes. In addition to teaching NLP, Connie also operates her own business, Mindworks Hypnosis and NLP and is a published author and creator of several self-help audio hypnosis products.  http://www.mindworkshypnosis.net. http://www.loseweightseattle.comhttp://www.stopsmokingseattle.comhttp://www.seattlenlptraining.com.  Call for more info:  425-564-8608.

I’d love it if you’d join me.

Warm Regards,

Bellevue College Continuing Education Says Thank You for Hypnosis!

Hi, Guys!

I got something very nice in the mail yesterday.  A certificate of appreciation from Bellevue College for my “teaching and community engagement” for my hypnosis courses and hypnosis work.  :)  VERY nice.  I’ve framed it and it will go up on the “I love me” wall at my office with the other trainings, certifications, diplomas, and awards I have received.

Bellevue College says "thank you" for hypnosis courses.

Bellevue College says "thank you" for hypnosis courses.

This certificate was sent to me in conjunction with Governor Gregoire’s newly proclaimed Part-time Faculty Appreciation Day for the State of Washington.  Yay!  It’s nice to be appreciated.

My next go-round at Bellevue College starts next month.  I’m offering two courses this quarter, one on Healthy Hypnosis, Let Go of Weight in March, and A Chance To Trance:  Discover Hypnosis for Goal Achievement in February.

It’s fun to share what I love.

Warm Regards,

Updated Events Schedule – Check it out!

Mindworks NLP

Hypnotherapy Certification Program – Discover the “Magic of Hypnosis” – 4 days, October 6 – October 9, 2012.  Info link is here:   http://www.seattlenlptraining.com

Power of Mind Workshops (in Bellevue, WA)
Info link is here:  http://www.seattlenlptraining.com

NLP for Personal Change: September 22, 2012.
NLP for Sales & Business Success: September 8, 2012.
Self Hypnosis for Life Success: September 29, 2012.

Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Program:
Intensive Format, 8 days straight: October 20 – October 27, 2012
Info link is here:  http://www.seattlenlptraining.com

Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Program: (open to  Practitioner level or higher students). Intensive Format, 8 days straight:   Next dates to be announced.  Info link is here:  http://www.seattlenlptraining.com

Learn Self Hypnosis with Connie Brannan, CHt.

Connie’s Bellevue College teaching schedule:

A Chance to Trance:  Discover Hypnosis for Goal Acheivement:  August 7, 2012. ($39 through Bellevue College).  Sign up link is here:  http://www.campusce.net/BC/course/course.aspx?C=12634&pc=1066&mc=1387&sc=

Healthy Hypnosis:  Let Go of Weight.  July 17, 2012, and July 24, 2012.  A two-evening course for $89.  Learn Self Hypnosis for weight management.  Sign up link through Bellevue College is here:

Learning is fun, and learning these tools is life-changing.  I hope you’ll check it out!

Warm Regards,

Teaching Tonight – Self Hypnosis @ Bellevue College

Learn Self Hypnosis at Bellevue College

Learn Self Hypnosis at Bellevue College


Room for one more, honey!  (Line from a Twilight Zone episode I particularly enjoy!)  :)

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I’m teaching another course at Bellevue College.  This one is  “Building Confidence and Self Esteem Through Self Hypnosis.”  It’s 2 nights, tonight (Feb 15) and also Feb 22.  Six hours total.  In those magical 6 hours, I’ll be presenting an experiential hypnotic extravaganza of learning.

I hypnotize the group en masse, and set a trigger for the students to return to “instant trance” anytime they like.  With this tool, we can focus our own minds on positive changes–and the unconscious mind is the part of your brain that makes things happen.  It’s the seat of our emotions and behaviors.

In the class, we practice hypnosis.  We learn the truth about hypnosis.  We learn how to craft what’s known as a “well-formed goal.”  (You have to know what you want in order to get it!)

It’s fun.  It’s hypnotic.  It’s inexpensive.  This class through Bellevue College is only $89.  What a deal!  If you want in, there’s still room as of this writing:


Hypnosis.  It’s everywhere you want to be.  Including Bellevue College tonight.  Join me if you can, you must sign up through BC.  I know you’ll be glad you did!

Warm Regards,

Get Confident Now — With Hypnosis

Connie Brannan, CHt. Clinical Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapist
Connie Brannan, CHt & Licensed Trainer of NLP ™

Hello, Hypno-Friends!

Do you want to sleep with strangers? Well, there’s an opportunity to do just that, in a way that’s both safe and sensible. In fact, it’s a good thing, a terrific thing. To be 100% accurate, it’s not sleep, it just looks like it from the outside. It’s HYPNOSIS. Who wants to learn how to use their own mind to create success? Me! Me! Me! Me! Maybe you, too?

I’m teaching a continuing education course at Bellevue College for their Personal Enrichment Program. It’s called “Building Confidence & Self Esteem Through Self Hypnosis.” Here is a pretty inexpensive way to taste and learn hypnosis. I guide you (the students) to trance, and we set an instant trigger to return to that state. When YOU want, on YOUR terms, for YOUR purposes. It’s powerful. It’s pleasant. It’s amazing. Come and learn! We also learn well-forming goals so that they make sense for your life, and are attainable, truly attainable, and how to talk to the unconscious part of your mind. Persuasive talk. So cool!!!

More info. is here:

It’s a total of 6 hours spread over two evenings. 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. February 15 & 22, 2012

Right now, there are a few seats still available. Bring a friend. Bring a pillow. Bring some goals. This skill, self-hypnosis, can change your life.

Hypnosis is a powerful way to make changes in your life–positive changes! If it fits your schedule, I recommend this as an easy and inexpensive beginner’s taster introduction to hypnosis. Building Confidence and Self-Esteem Through Self-Hypnosis

Do you fear public speaking, presentations, or approaching an attractive member of the opposite sex? Do you have an overall feeling of low self-esteem? Learn how to feel confident, comfortable and competent with a high level of self-esteem through self-hypnosis. Success is just a trance away! This experiential workshop is conducted by Connie Brannan, CHt, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™.

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem Through Self-Hypnosis

C’mon down and experience this for yourself!  http://www.mindworkshypnosis.net

Warm Regards, Connie  :)

A Chance to Trance – My New Offering at Bellevue College

Hi, Hypnosis Enthusiasts & Interested Parties!

You never stop learning!  Not ever.  That’s one of my core beliefs, and as such it leads to the possibility of creating continuously a life more in alignment with pleasure, joy, success, power, and so on.  Learning gives you the ability to rudder your own ship.  Learning is power.  Learning is magic.  Learning keeps your mind sharp and young.

Who wants an easy and FUN one-evening learning experience, which just happens to be amazingly useful as well?  (And inexpensive.)  I’m offering something new at Bellevue College, as part of the Personal Development Continuing Education program.  Info:


A Chance to Trance: Discover Hypnosis for Goal Achievement

Everyone can be hypnotized and learn to focus their own unconscious minds in powerful ways to achieve their goals. If you’ve ever wondered what trance is like, here’s your chance to experience it. A Chance to Trance. Experience hypnosis first hand and be guided through an ingenious process of goal manifestation by Master Hypnotist & Licensed Trainer of NLP, Connie Brannan. Bring a pillow, if you like, and bring a goal for your life success!

A Chance to Trance: Discover Hypnosis for Goal Achievement

Item: R8970 Connie Brannan
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM North Campus   Room: V1104
Sessions: 1 W Address: 14673 NE 29th Place Bellevue, WA 98007
8/3/2011 – 8/3/2011 Fee: $39.00

If you’re in the Seattle area, you’re close enough to get in on this!  It’s not just information, it’s DOING.  I guide the whole group into a wonderful trance and lead them through a change process of goal setting and manifestation.  It’s cool.  It’s ingenious.  It’s something I’ve created that I use one-on-one with my clients for their life goals, and it’s POWERFUL.  It works!

And, notice the amazingly low, low cost of just $39 for the evening’s trance experience.  Bellevue College set that price, not me.  I think what I’m offering is beyond price.  Judge for yourself.  Join me.  The sign up link (you must sign up through Bellevue College) is here:


Come one and come all (class size limit 20) for this unique experience.  It just may change your life.

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, CHt.

Connie Brannan, CHt.

A Chance to Trance – Quit Smoking @ Bellevue College

Bellevue College offers adult continuing education.

Bellevue College offers adult continuing education.

Hi, Guys!

It’s interesting.  I’m offering a couple courses at Bellevue College this autumn.  One is Healthy Hypnosis:  Let Go of Weight and it’s filling up like gangbusters.  The other is Quit Smoking With Self Hypnosis, and there’s less interest in it, apparently.  I find that surprising!   This (self hypnosis) is SUCH a powerful tool for habit change, and the number one habit in the universe which should and can be changed easily is smoking.  As in, don’t do it.  Ever.   And so many people profess to want that!  I can help.  These tools offer massive help, which I share in my class.  The how-to!

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, even the guided work I do in my office with clients.  This course is even bigger than that.  It’s like the old saying.  Give a guy a fish, and he’s got a fish.  For dinner tonight.  That’s nice.   TEACH a guy to fish, and he’s got fish forever.  Bring on the tartar sauce!  :)  That’s wonderful.  I want to teach you how to fish for change.  The course title is about one particular habit:  Smoking!  But it can be used for so much more than that.  And I want my students to use it for so much more than that.  Hypnosis is a life-changer, a life-enhancer, beyond quantification, really.

Here’s a chance.  Your chance. LEARN.  Grow.  Thrive.  It’s what I want for you, and I know it’s what you want for yourself.  It’s a chance to trance.  I wrote this in an earlier blog entry and you know, it’s so true that it bears repeating.  I said:  “The unconscious mind is the good guy—for all of us. The part of us that keeps us alive, breathing, blood flowing, healing, storehouses our learning, wants us to grow and thrive and be happy and healthy and successful.”  Yes!   In hypnosis, that’s what we do, converse with this part of ourselves, and improve the quality of our lives through these conversations.  Wouldn’t that ability be worth something to you?  To anyone?

There are still seats available in my self hypnosis courses at Bellevue College this autumn, where I share these tools of “mindwork.”  Here are the direct sign up links.

Quit Smoking With Self Hypnosis.  This takes you to Bellevue College’s webpage, course description, and shopping cart.  As always, if you want more information, you can contact me directly via the info. on my main webpage.  :)

Healthy Hypnosis, Let Go of Weight. 

Quit Smoking With Self Hypnosis begins this month, September 27 and continues the following week on October 4th.  Do you have something better to do on a couple Monday nights than improve your life dramatically?

If I do say so myself the course is a lot of fun.  It spans the course of one week, and two evenings.  Six hours total.  VERY hands on.  Your mind grows.  Visually, and on the inside, too!  :)  You will be hypnotized.  Repeatedly.  And learn to do it for yourself.  And learn what to do and how to communicate to yourself in that state of mind which makes the difference in your habits and your life.  You learn about language of influence.  You learn about how the mind works.  You learn the truth about hypnosis.  It’s all good, and it’s all useful.  I do hope some more of you will join me.

Warm Regards,