Fall into Change

I drove past the Bravern (upscale shopping plaza) the other day and they had a GIANT banner splashed across the top of the building:  “Fall into Fashion.”  Indeed.  Those words are what’s known as “a multi level communication.”  There’s more meaning there than meets the eye, or lights up the thinking part of your mind.  There’s more communication happening, below the surface.  Fall into Fashion.  It’s a time, (fall, as in autumn, as in now!) it’s an activity (falling into), it implies a sense of ease (it’s as easy as falling off a log) it’s a state of being (fashionable), and more.  I also like:  Falling into Fall, which I came across the other day on a magazine cover.  Michael came up with another cool, similar communication appropriate to our business:  Fall into Change.

Fall into change.  Yes!  What if falling into a new lifestyle or new habits was as easy and natural as the changing of the seasons?  As a green leaf turning gold?  As a tree letting go of leaves?   Of the air becoming crisp and clean?   What if change was a natural, and easy process?  Big secret.  It is!

In addition to all my other tools, I use something called “indirect hypnosis.”  Storytelling.  It’s a shortcut to learning, and many cultures keep it alive as a way of keeping the learnings of lifetimes alive.  In hypnosis, I create and weave seemingly unrelated-to-your-issue stories, metaphors, images, sounds, and more which create new understandings in your mind, which helps you learn and change quickly.   And I do an assortment of word play, featuring multi level unconscious communications.  Your mind loves to learn, and does it exquisitely well.  It will take a word, and process every single possible meaning, literal and otherwise.   Multilevel communication.

I was watching a movie on the boob tube last night.  At one point a character is having a life crisis, and runs to her  psychotherapist for direction.  She says:  I know I’ve been coming here 2 times a week for 8 years, but now I need some real help.  Not surprisingly, he does not deliver it, and she ends up solving her own problem.

That is, and is not the hypnotic way.  Solving your own problems, yes.  Taking forever, IF ever, no!  These (hypnosis and NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are known as brief therapies, we’re talking minutes to hours, not years–and you do solve your own problems.  The premise of my work is that YOU have inside yourself everything you need to change your life for the better, whether it be changing your weight or changing your habits, or improving yourself in any number of ways.  I use hypnosis to help you tap into the power of YOU!  Fall into your own power.  Fall into change.  I  guide you to the positive resources within and attach them where needed.  When that happens, everything changes!  And it’s as natural as a leaf changing color and falling off a tree.  And as fast.  Hypnosis is not something external to you, it’s a doorway into your own power.

It seems that overnight the trees change, and the ground is covered with crispy piles of leaves.  The air grows cooler.  Autumn has always been my favorite season, long before I began my career as a “changeworker.”  I like change.  Natural, healthy change.  And now is the perfect time, where it’s visible all around us to stimulate our unconscious minds into saying:  “Me, too!  I’m ready, too.  It’s time!”  Fall.  Fall into change.  It’s easy to do, you start by picking up the phone and dialing (425) 564-8608 and asking for me, Connie.  I’ll guide you as you Fall into Change.  Positive changes, healthy changes, fun changes, happy changes.  The time is now.  Let’s do it!

Warm Regards,

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